BONUS EPISODE: Preview to the 2022 DPC SUMMIT in Kansas City, MO featuring Dr. Vance Lassey

Updated: Apr 22

DPC Summit

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The 2022 DPC Summit is coming July 15-17th, 2022

DPC Summit 2022: July 15-17th


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Registration is not confirmed until your proof of full vaccination or valid negative PCR test has been verified by our third-party provider or, with respect to each day of the meeting for those using the rapid antigen test option, until your attestation that you have had a negative rapid antigen test result that day has been received. We will be using the free CLEAR app to facilitate proof of vaccination or negative PCR test at the DPC Summit. If you arrive at registration without having already completed the verification process, it may result in unnecessary delays as we process and verify the information you provide.


Where to Stay?

Sheraton Kansas City at Crown Center | Kansas City, MO



DPC Summit 2022: July 15-17th


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So today I am so excited because we have all been waiting to have DVC conferences live and in person again, and today I have back on the podcast, Dr. Vance Lassey of Holton direct care, and he will be giving us a preview to the DPC summit coming up in Kansas city. Thank you so much, Dr. Last you for joining us today.

First of all. Thanks for having me back on. I love being on your podcast and I love what you're doing for the DPC community and just get the word out on what DPC is to the world and congratulations on your success. And it's awesome to be here and there's no place I'd rather be to announce what's coming up.

So this is the DPC summit. That's co-sponsored by the American academy of family physicians, the DPC Alliance, family medicine, education consortium, and American college of osteopathic family medicine. So, Dr. Lassey can you please start us off with, when is this conference going to be and where is it going?

So, first of all, well, for anyone who doesn't know, the DPC summit is, is the biggest DBC in-person event that historically there's ever been. And this year is no exception that we are at least 30% bigger than we ever were. Before COVID made us have the last two virtual, this thing is going to be huge and awesome.

And I cannot wait to see everybody there. So it's going to be in July. It's July 15th, 16th, and 17th, and it's in Kansas city and it's going to be at a hotel called the Sheraton crown center. I think it's called, uh, it's downtown. It's a beautiful location. Fantastic. And I definitely wouldn't say, if you are thinking about going, if you have kids that you want to bring, there's so much to do in Kansas city, it is a ton of fun and in Kansas city.

So now with that said, let's get into registration because I definitely know that that's one thing that I've seen on social media and people are contacting me about, as I'm sure that are contacting you about how do people register. Okay, so registration is not live yet. We will. I hope to see it go live in the next week or two.

AFP's working on a lot of logistics that have to happen before we can turn on the registration button, but you'll be able to register a DPC probably within the next week or two. I can tell you this, if you're in the DPC community at all on any of the social media for the direct primary care Alliance or mighty VC story, I'm sure.

And all the others, uh, you'll be able to find links to that, but it's DPC Check back there. My guests. Registration set up in the next two weeks that being said, anyone can register. If you are a member of any of the hosting organizations, the, the big two are course, there can be the DBCA and the AFP.

Then there will be a discount, the price. I don't know exactly that it's going to go up because everything has skyrocketed in price with hotels and food and all that stuff. So I can't tell exactly what the price is going to be. I think there'll be a hundred bucks, a hundred bucks, 150 bucks more than it was the last time we did a live one in 2009.

But we should see the registration within the next two weeks. Anybody can register, but you will get a discount if you're a member of one of the hosting organizations. And if people are a member of the hosting organizations, how can they obtain those discounts? So when you, you'll just, I think you just click a button that says you're a member of that whenever you sign up, I think is how it works.

And I don't know if they'll have a database. That verifies that or what, but yeah, you'll, I think it's just during the registration process, there's a lot of, ad-ons you click, are you a member of this? Do you have that? Like, there's going to be some workshops that cost extra. You can click if you want that, then that calculates your price and the registration process.

Awesome. Now, when you mentioned workshops, I'm so excited to get into the nitty-gritty as to what's happening on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So can you please share with the audience what to expect at this year's DPC summit in Kansas city? Okay. This is awesome. We see this with a disclaimer, some of this may change.

We're still verifying all these speakers and confirming everybody because we've been working on this since Thanksgiving putting this together. So many people. So the first thing is if you've been to a DPC summit before you haven't been, you need to go. If you're interested in DPC, It's the best and you learn everything and it's your tribe.

And it's just, everyone's got a smile on their face, as we always say. So you won't regret it. One of the things, if you've been before, you may have been accustomed to, is the FMS FMC. Traditionally did something called an employer workshop on the first half day, which will be Friday morning. That's not happening anymore.

We've gotten rid of that feature and we are instead we've plugged in more actual DPC content during that time. The other thing is. We have traditionally had for the most part, what we in the DBCA have started calling one-on-one content, which is basically, I want to be, you know, I'm thinking about doing DPC and.

Everything from the littlest things, the earliest things. And that's usually been kind of what the content was for it's for people that are either about to star or curious about DBC or about to start in general. Maybe there's a little bit of stuff for people who've just recently started, but that was about it.

So we, in general, I've always called that one-on-one content. Then we started doing like some 2 0 1 content, which is okay. I have a DPC office, but I'm having some problems or I want to grow, or I want to learn how to do something. Couldn't do before. That's 2 0 1 stuff. And then that's all been all there ever was at any DBC conference in the history of DP, DPC conferences until now.

And now we have 3 0 1 content, which I'm very excited about. This is something I've been behind for a long time. And that is when you become a, what we call a veteran DPC doctor, your maybe your clinic, your clinic, a panel is full and you're successful and all that kind of stuff. We need to go to DPC summit for you already know all of that stuff.

You're already doing it every day. The only reason you go is because you want to hang out with your friends and help other people learn. What if you're not teaching or anything, it's hard to justify the expense. So we have gotten an entire, entirely new track, entire third track that's going on? So we have three tracks the whole time.

One-on-one 2 0 1, 3 0 1 all going on. Same with simultaneously 3 0 1. Content is medical content. It's stuff for people who a