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People often ask me what technology I use to run my business and the My DPC Story Podcast. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am addicted to tech. I have tried and tested dozens of platforms and softwares, and these are my current, favorite tools.

My Business Tools

If you're looking to optimize your businesses workflow or scale your podcast channel...

these platforms may be the perfect tools to help you do just that!

Here’s a quick snapshot of what I use, or have used in the past and

would recommend to my friends.

Some of these platforms I've gained so much value from, that I’ve joined their partner program, and I happily share the details of their incredible services for those who are interested! So yes, I may be rewarded if you choose to sign up, but I’d give these recommendations regardless.

Spruce Health

Highly recommend. I am a huge fan of efficiency found in digital platforms! Spruce is the leading platform for HIPAA-compliant healthcare communication. Providing telemedicine from your phone, desktop or anywhere in between.


20% off per month for the 1st year with code: MARYAL20

Sticker Mule

For Doctors looking to make their own SWAG merchandise for their clinics, or extra cool marketing materials... Sticker Mule has got you covered!

Chase Sapphire

The most popular card among DPC Docs! Recently, I got delayed 12 hours and took the kids to a hotel. I was covered by the card for up to $500 per person for over a 6 hour + delay. Safe to say... I was extremely thankful!

Force of Nature

You can't be a DPC business owner and the cleanliness of your clinic not be a priority. I swear by these cleaning products for not only my clinic, but also my home. Maintain the hygiene of your spaces with natural products that won't harm the environment.

Med Mastery

I'm a student for life! Continuing to build and develop my clinical skills is extremely important to me. Med Mastery courses are CME accredited and they're fantastic for fine-tuning additional skills for your clinical tool kit!

GLG Insights

Support more people with your expertise! I'm a Network Member with GLG, and you too can join our exclusive network of over 900,000 senior industry experts. GLG connects industry experts like us with clients who need guidance and insights.


Imagine having the power to accurately monitor your heart's rhythm anytime, anywhere. With KardiaMobile 6L, you can do just that. Leading the market as the most clinically validated personal EKG. Backed by rigorous testing, it's not just a personal EKG, it's a game-changer in the world of cardiac care.

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