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Stories about the future of patient care: Direct Primary Care

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Direct Primary Care means.

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HOW do I FIND a DPC practice?

Find the closest DPC practice on the DPC Mapper, an interactive map with DPC locations throughout the United States.

Dr. Maryal Concepcion, Host and Creator of My DPC Story

About Your Host

My name is Maryal Concepcion, MD FAAFP (She/Her) and I am a full scope board-certified family medicine physician in Arnold, California. I live amongst the evergreen trees in the Stanislaus National Forest with my husband (also a family physician), two sons, our cat Cabo and dog Ellie. 

I believe that things happen for a reason and that was so true the day first learned about DPC.

Previously an employed physician, I handed in my 60 day notice in early July 2021 and will NEVER go back to fee for service insurance-driven "healthcare." I am now the CEO/Boss Lady at Big Trees MD, a DPC in Calaveras County, CA. 

Having attended the HINT Summit, AAFP/DPC Alliance/FMEC/ACOFP Co-Sponsored DPC Summit and Nuts & Bolts, I missed dearly the networking that we were all able to take part in pre-pandemic. This was one of the driving factors behind starting the podcast.

I hope that by interviewing different people at all sorts of stages of Direct Primary Care and Direct Care that everyone can "meet" new people and feel the connection to the future of patient care: Direct Primary Care. 

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