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Episode 30: Dr. Jack Forbush of The Osteopathic Center for Family Medicine - Hampden, ME

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Direct Primary Care Doctor

Dr. Forbush is standing here on a sunny day.
Dr. Jack Forbush

Providing the full spectrum of family medicine including Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Geriatrics and Obstetrics, his particular areas of interest include Integrative and Holistic Medicine, applying the principles of Osteopathy across the age spectrum and the incorporation of information technology in medicine.

Each year, he travels to Paraguay offering his services to the Andrea Ritz Foundation caring for (and enjoying the company of) Guarani of all ages.

He is actively involved at the local, state and federal level in his capacity as the current President of the Maine Chapter of the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians as well as the President of the New England Direct Primary Care Alliance.

Dr. Forbush has been practicing DPC for over seven years and his only regret is that he did not transition to DPC sooner. Though he is located in Hampden, Maine, he regularly travels to Paraguay to volunteer with the Andrea Ritz Clinic. He shares about his experience precepting medical students and residents, how he views tech in medicine and so much more.



Example of how Dr. Forbush uses his website ( to help streamline his work:


Resources Mentioned and Recommended by Dr. Forbush:

-Andrea Ritz Clinic Video on YouTube:

-The Dark Side of DPC with Dr. Jack Forbush & Dr. Jennifer Harader

-DPC is Still Changing the Rules. (Ways to get started with an expanded scope of practice) - by Dr. Vance Lassey & Dr. Nic Tomsen

Contact Info:


office: 207-945-5400

fax: 866-463-6751

twitter: @ocfm


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