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DPC Conferences

You might not believe it until you experience it, but going to a DPC conference is like NO OTHER medical conference! Whether you are learning about, planning, opening or a seasoned DPC doc, there is always content you can relate to at the conferences & events happening throughout the year.

DPC Summit hosted by AAFP, DPC Alliance, FMEC & ACOFP

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand the scope of your direct primary care (DPC) practice, you’ll find the expertise you need to level up at DPC Summit. This is your opportunity to learn from nationally recognized faculty with years of real-world DPC experience. 


Hint Summit is the Direct Primary Care industry's premier innovation event of the year, bringing together Direct Primary Care enthusiasts, pioneers, and innovators to share ideas, build meaningful new relationships, and celebrate the impact of DPC—all with the goal of growing the Direct Care movement and making it the new standard in US healthcare.


Learn about the Direct Primary Care practice model.

Build a doctor’s office free of insurance and other third parties challenging your clinical judgment and robbing your time with patients.


DPC Mastermind Weekends are intensive workshops to help you get your DPC practice off the ground, advance your DPC practice, or advance your clinical medical skills. We combine direct mentoring, practical education, brainstorming, peer accountability, and a supportive cohort setting to help you coalesce your DPC vision.


Join those who took up the call Health Rosetta's co-founder put in Forbes 7 years ago -- This Job Could Save America -- prior to Health Rosetta's launch. Today, the American Dream is being restored by those convening in Denver. At the summit, you'll collaborate with the CEOs, union & civic leaders and the nation's foremost benefits advisors who have transformed health plans from the #1 driver of inflation, poverty and bankruptcy to the top driver of restoring hope and well-being.

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