Episode 99: Dr. Lisa Davidson (She/Her) of Insight Primary Care - Denver, CO

Direct Primary Care Doctor

Dr. Davidson's practice is Insight Primary Care in Denver, CO
Dr. Lisa Davidson

Dr. Lisa Davidson has been practicing Family Medicine in Denver since 1997.

She completed her residency at the University of Colorado Family Medicine Residency at Rose Hospital. Dr. Davidson serves as an Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of CO Denver School of Medicine.

She is a huge advocate for the Direct Primary Care movement. After running a traditional practice for eight years, she made the leap to open Insight Primary Care, a DPC in Denver, Colorado in 2012.

She speaks nationally on direct care and enjoys mentoring other doctors who are interested in converting to the DPC model. In her spare time, Dr. Davidson enjoys travel and is always seeking new adventures with her husband and two children.



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Welcome to the podcast Dr. Davidson

in the on phone, but I'm also looking at in the, on

is legit. What happens when I've been podcasting for. You know, over a year on zoom, and then now I'm not sure how to do this, in real lifetime. So yes, it's, it's interesting to see you and see you in two different places.

And this is crazy, cuz it's in your, in your place of, of work where your DPC is in Denver. And it's so exciting because you and I met back in 2019 at the hint summit in San Francisco. And I literally have, you know, just loved your journey because you are a mom and you are doing DPC when you want to do DPC.