Episode 93: Dr. Jade Norris (She/Her) of Nspire Primary Care - Las Vegas, NV

Direct Primary Care Doctor

Dr Jade Owns Nspire Primary Care
Dr. Jade Norris

Dr. Jade E. Norris, MD aka “Dr. Jade,” is a Board Certified Family Medicine Physician and Las Vegas native. She is a devoted Christian, wife, and mother. She focuses on wellness and prevention using the principles of Lifestyle Medicine and her “NSPIRED Health Method” to assist her patients in preventing and reversing chronic diseases.

Dr. Jade completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She obtained her Medical Doctorate Degree from Southern Illinois University and completed her Family Medicine Residency Training in Southern California at Loma Linda University Medical Center.

Dr. Jade has promoted wellness nationally in magazines, radio, television, and social media. She has years of experience working in the fitness and pharmaceutical industry and has created numerous community-based programs in Nevada and Illinois and is the author of the children’s empowerment books, “You Can Call Me Queen” and “You Can Call Me King.”

Dr. Jade has a special interest in fitness, dance, healthy cooking, and mentoring and empowering young girls and teens of color. Her mission is to promote health for the entire family, all ages and generations. Her mantra is: “Health, it’s a LIFESTYLE!”

She opened Nspire Primary Care in March 2022.


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Dr. Jade Shows Off Her Space and How Onboarding Is Done At Nspire Primary Care

A Testimonial About Dr. Jade

Dr. Jade Explains What Quality Primary Care Means



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