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Episode 15: Dr. Deepti Mundkur of My Happy Doctor - San Diego, CA

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

Direct Primary Care Doctor

UPDATE: Dr. Mundkur shares her

Episode 51: A Year In Review - Celebrating One Year of DPC!


Dr. Mundkur of My Happy Doctor
Dr. Deepti Mundkur

Dr. Mundkur received her college degree from Manipal University and then went on to complete her internal medicine residency through UC San Francisco at the Fresno campus. She has completed a primary care psychiatry fellowship as well through UC Davis.

She opened her DPC July 1st 2020.

In this episode, Dr. Mundkur shares about building her patient panel in her telemedicine and home visit model. She explains about her ability, and her learning process she’s gone through, to be able to choose which patients are a good fit for her practice. She is a whiz at social media and describes how she designs her content to engage patients from before and after they enroll. She discusses her primary care psychiatry fellowship and much more!

An example of Dr. Mundkur's video creations from Canva:

Resources mentioned by Dr. Mundkur:

- UC Davis/UC Irvine Psychiatry Fellowship: LINK HERE

- Render Forest - All-in-one website, logo and branding

Dr. Mundkur featured in Shoutout SoCal:



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