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Episode 5: Dr Christina Mutch & Dr. Jake Mutch of Defiant Direct Primary Care - Williamsburg, VA

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

Direct Primary Care Doctors

UPDATE: Dr. Mutch & Mutch share their

Episode 51: A Year In Review - Celebrating One Year of DPC!


Both Virginia natives, Christina and Jake met at the College of William and Mary in January 2008.

They moved to Lewisburg, WV, where they both attended the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine.

In their second year, they spent a month with a medical outreach trip to the Himalayas. "We didn’t bring much: just the medicine, our supplies, and a folding exam table with us on the plane," they remark. Half a world away, it became clear to them what happens when you remove all the obstacles and distractions. Only one thing remained: the moment shared between the doctor and the patient.

This helped drive home their desire to become Family Physicians.

In residency, they witnessed the struggles patients face in the modern health system. Getting the care one needs can feel like traversing an obstacle course so they committed to providing better care.

August 1,2020, they opened the doors to Defiant DPC!

In the episode they share about their trip to the Himalayas and their experience so far. They discuss specific aspects of their practice and drop a bunch of tech tips for those interested in building their brand themselves and much more.

Dr. Jake's Tech Tips:

In the episode, Dr. Jake shares what he has used to develop Defiant DPC's look and feel.

He adds. " I don't think I mentioned the lighting in the episode, but really, that's the thing that makes the biggest difference in picture quality."

Here are some of the tools he's used including the lighting:

The Essentials:

-Smartphone (all of our images and videos were shot on an iPhone)

-Neewer 2 Pieces Bicolor 660 LED Video Light and Stand Kit (on Amazon) - $169

-Neewer Soft White Translucent Umbrellas (to use as light diffusers, also on Amazon) - $20

-Picture Editing: Snapseed app - free

-Web Hosting: Squarespace - varies, usually around $12-18/mo

-Graphic Design: Pixelmator Pro - $39

Additional Upgrades:

-Digital Artwork: Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch (from 10 years ago, current offerings here)

-USB Microphone: Blue Yeti (from 5 years ago, currently available offering on Amazon)

-Handheld iPhone Gimbal: Zhiyun Smooth 4 (for video shooting)

-Video Editing: Final Cut Pro X

Defiant DPC


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