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Episode 8: Dr. Lauren Hughes of Bloom Pediatrics and Lactation - Kansas City, KS

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Direct Primary Care Doctor & IBCLC

UPDATE: Dr. Hughes shares her

Episode 51: A Year In Review - Celebrating One Year of DPC!


Speaking with Dr. Hughes was such a joy! While I was tempting my son with multiple Disney movies, Dr. Hughes was on the other end of the interview line with both of her 7 month old twins and her 3 year old son. Listening in on the toddler and infant involvement in the pod is, well, very 2020!

As a Mom and DPC Doctor, she shares about how her practice incorporates both her training as a Pediatrician as well as an IBCLC. She shares about how she is in partnerships with other pediatric-focused services around Kansas City. She also discusses how she creates relevant social media content and how Covid-19 has impacted her practice. Dr. Hughes is also offering in-home procedures like circumcisions and frenotomies and shares how she is able to offer these services for her patients.

Dr. Hughes completed her undergraduate education at Pittsburg State University and went on to the University of Kansas for Medical School. During her time there, she helped establish the KUMC branch of Exercise is Medicine. She graduated from medical school in 2017 and was 36 weeks pregnant when she walked across the stage!

After graduating from medical school, Dr. Hughes did her pediatric residency at the University of Kansas Medical Center where she worked at both KU and Children’s Mercy Hospital. Dr. Hughes obtained her IBCLC designation during her third year of residency. She graduated from residency in July 2020.

Resources mentioned by Dr. Hughes:

- Oh Baby - Concierge Style Doula

- Raising Littles - Marni is a gentle sleep coach and child development specialist

- IABLE - Institute for Breastfeeding and Lactation Education

- Facebook Group: DPC Docs

Dr. Hughes' intro video on her landing page at




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