Episode 86: Dr. Erica Young (She/Her) of Relief DPC - Whitemarsh Island, GA

Direct Primary Care Doctor, Integrative Family Medicine

Dr. Young of Relief DPC
Dr. Erica Young

Dr. Erica Young graduated from the University of Alabama School of Medicine in Birmingham, Alabama and completed Family Medicine residency at Memorial Health University Medical Center in Savannah, Georgia.

As a component of her residency training, Dr Young completed the requirements for a Certificate in Integrative Medicine awarded by The University of Arizona.

She lives on Whitemarsh with her husband and daughters.

She opened Relief DPC July 9, 2018.

In today's episode, Dr. Young shares how she went from being a public school teacher to med school and then how she was able to open directly out of residency. She knew very early on in her medical career that DPC was the only way she could practice autonomously in her community. She shares how her DPC supports all through affirming care wherever her patients are in their mental and physical health journeys. She talks about how she has been able to guide the insurance underwriting community to help grow DPC within her own community and she shares how life can be like when you practice on your own terms.


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Types of Membership Offered At Relief DPC
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Dr. Young finding her logo in her community on a motorized scooter!
Dr. Young finding her logo in her community!


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