Episode 91: Dr. Aleea Gupta (She/Her) of Family First DPC - Hinsdale, IL

Direct Primary Care Doctor

Dr. Gupta is in her clinic, Family First DPC
Dr. Aleea Gupta

Dr. Aleea Gupta is a board-certified family physician who completed her undergraduate education at Duke University, medical degree at University of Florida and residency at Overlook Hospital/Columbia University. She has worked in multiple settings in the past 25 years, including as an assistant professor at the University of Southern California, as a partner physician at Southern Permanente California Medical Group, and as a staff physician at Doctors Immediate Care, Illinois.

In 2018, she learned about the direct primary care (DPC) model from a colleague and decided to open the first DPC practice in her county.

She did not have a patient or referral base in her town, and thus had to build her DPC practice from the ground up.

Dr. Gupta used in-person and social media marketing to successfully fill her DPC practice in three years. Through trial and error, she discovered the key steps that DPC physicians need to take to in order to use social medial to get patients to join their practices. Dr. Gupta is also passionate about spreading awareness about the DPC model to medical students and residents. She has used social media to showcase the strengths and values of DPC, and has lectured about DPC to several future physician groups, both virtually and in-person. Her goal is to help further the Direct Primary Care movement in Chicagoland, the state of Illinois and beyond. Dr. Gupta is married to a retina surgeon, has two children and in her free time enjoys reading, watching foreign films and studying Spanish.


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Phone: 630-286-9192


email: info@familyfirstdpc.com


IG: @dr.aleeagupta

TikTok: @dr.aleeagupta


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Welcome to the podcast,

Dr. Gupta. Thank you so much for having me Maryelle I'm so excited to be

here. You are back on the podcast, if you haven't yet checked out Dr. Gupta's podcast, with Alex Torres in regards to marketing, please go check that out.

But, It was such a pleasure to. share the stage with you at the DPC summit in Kansas city. And, you know, I, I really love that people got a little bit of your story from your initial podcast, as well as at the summit. But now this space is for you to really highlight you as a physician and to share, but more about your practice.

So with that, I wanted to get into first your journey, because as was shared in your bio and your credentials, you've been all over the place. So to speak, in terms of growing up, you were, you were moving to different places and training. You've trained in different states and practice in different states.

So can you just bring us back to your entrance into medicine and how your journey eventually led you to your DP?