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BONUS EPISODE: Building Your Brand w/ Dr. Aleea Gupta of Family First DPC & Alex Torres of Care ID

DPC Branding & Marketing

Dr. Gupta and Alex Torres
Building Your Brand - A Bonus Episode

This BONUS episode features Dr. Aleea Gupta of Family First DPC and Alexa Torres of Care ID! They talk about all things branding and marketing in DPC!

As two individuals who have worked together to create a cohesive brand for Dr. Gupta's clinic, Dr. Gupta and Alex share about their collaboration and have tips on marketing to your local community, social media and designing with a purpose.

This recording was done as part of the My DPC Story Fireside Chat series. You can watch more Fireside chats HERE.

Whether you are planning, already in DPC or looking to rebrand, this is a great episode to listen to!