Episode 90: Dr. Katrice Brooks of Quench Clinic - Wauwatosa, WI

Updated: Jul 30

Direct Primary Care Doctor

Dr. Brooks is in her white coat
Dr. Katrice Brooks

Dr. Katrice Brooks is double board-certified in Family and Lifestyle Medicine. Dr. Brooks has over 10 years of experience in primary care. She helps patients get the care they deserve with a doctor who listens, spends time with them, answers their questions and she also helps her patients achieve their goals. She is passionate about health equality, improving lives by reducing medications where she can, and being a champion for patient and physician autonomy. She has spoken nationally at events like the 2022 Hint Summit focusing on health care through the Direct Primary Care model and practicing authentically.

She opened Quench Clinic in 2021.

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DPC means creating a private practice that honors the humanity of both doctor and patient. I explain DPC to people as a framework to build a type of clinic that works best for me as a person, while still bringing great value to patients. I'm Dr. Katrice Brooks of Quench Clinic and this is my DPC story.

Welcome to the podcast Dr. Brooks.

Thank you so much. I'm so excited to be here. This is literally a dream for me. It even feels surreal doing it and watching you here. So happy to be here and to share.

It's definitely a mutual excitement. You and I opened around the same time, you in October and me in September of 2021. It's like that homecoming feel talking with you today.

Absolutely. You were my first conception of what DPC was. So it is surreal.


Can you tell us a little bit about your history growing up and how you ended up being the doctor today that you are practicing authentically with your patients?

DPC helps you find who you are to practice authentically. Like we, We come to it because of feeling constrained in some way. My story and what led me to creating a DPC and wanting to serve my patients in ways that I felt restricted was I grew up w