Episode 78: Dr. Clodagh Ryan (She/Her) of Cara Direct Care - La Grange, IL

Direct Primary Care Doctor

Dr. Ryan and her stethoscope
Dr. Clodagh Ryan

Dr. Clodagh Ryan is a board certified family medicine physician. She grew up in Ireland and graduated from Trinity College Dublin Medical School in 1999. After working in primary care in Ireland for a few years, she moved to the western suburbs of Chicago where she completed family medicine residency at Adventist La Grange Memorial hospital and spent 8 years in private insurance-based practice. As the medical landscape became more difficult for the independent family physician, her disillusionment with medicine grew. She switched to direct primary care (DPC), opening Cara (pronounced CAR-UH) Direct Care in 2017.

Ryan also serves as adjunct faculty and preceptor at Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine. Her roles include course director, lecturer and preceptor of medical students.In 2020, she developed the virtual elective, “Introduction to Clinical Practice with Telemedicine.” The elective includes instruction on the U.S. health care system, health insurance, and the corporatization of medicine.

Dr. Ryan spends her free time playing Irish music on the concertina and fiddle, with her husband and four children who are also musicians. Her other hobbies include running and reading. KEEP READING TO SEE DR. RYAN PLAYING TRADITIONAL IRISH MUSIC!


Dr. Ryan will be speaking at this year's DPC Summit in Kansas City, MO



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E: caradirectcare@gmail.com

Website: https://www.caradirectcare.com


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Twitter: https://twitter.com/caradirectcare

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FB: https://www.facebook.com/caradirectcare/about


Dr. Ryan Is Featured on NBC News in Chicago - Oct. 17th, 2018


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Welcome to the podcast

Dr. Ryan. Thank you, Dr. It's such

a pleasure to talk with you and you and I have, have seen each other in person once, but we've talked many times apart from this podcast. And one of the things that you have said publicly is that

"DPC is the most fulfilling way I've been able to practice medicine in my 20 year career while being a wife, mom, and musician DPC allows me to have a life while still being the best physician that I can be. And so, you know, just tagging along with your intro statement, I wanted to start with your journey into medicine. So can you please tell us about how it was growing up in Ireland in terms of your care, your family's healthcare and what pushed you into becoming a doctor?

So I grew up on a farm in the north of Ireland on item number six of seven children. My dad left school at 14. He was taken out of school when his father died and had to run the farm. So, my mom did go to college. She was a kindergarten teacher for 40 years. On the big thing for us as kids, we were pretty smart, you know, Booksmart was that my parents wanted us to go to college.

There was no expectation of becoming anything in particular, but my dad did always have this idealized version of Madison because his father, his GRA I'm sorry, his father, his brother, Dr. Daniel Boylan was a family doctor in the early 19 hundreds to 1920s or so, very close to this bridge that I have in the picture behind me here on the north coast of Ireland.

And my dad would tell stories about Dr. Dan doing highs calls and getting paid and. Chickens or eggs or whatever. On, he also would go out on the boat to Rosalyn island, which is about five miles off the coast, where you're sitting in my picture behind me here to deliver babies in the middle of the night and stuff like that.