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Episode 6: Dr. Jennifer Hetrick of Hetrick Health - Worthington, OH

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Direct Primary Care Doctor

Jennifer Hetrick was a complete stranger to me at the AAFP DPC summit in Chicago 2019 until I asked her to join in on dinner after the day's presentations and she has since become a good friend and part of my DPC support system!

She completed her medical training at Case Western School of Medicine and served as Chief resident during her time at the University of Missouri Columbia. She is double boarded in both Family and Lifestyle Medicine.

Dr. Jennifer is a mom with two teenage daughters and opened her DPC doors in October 2019.

Her interview was recorded earlier in 2020 and by the release date she will have just passed her 1st Anniversary of her DPC!

She explains how she has incorporated wellness into her practice by hosting nutrition and cooking classes, becoming a CHIP provider, health coaching and participating in the Walk With A Doc program.

She also touches on how her practice has overcome challenges in her first year of her clinic - like renting an office space before she was ready to open - and how her practice has successfully transitioned during Covid and how she is able to balance her clinic hours with the busy schedules of her teenage daughters.

Dr. Hetrick participating (pre-Covid-19) in the Walk With A Doc Program.



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