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Episode 42: Dr. Elizabeth Eaman (She/Her) of Oodle Family Medicine - Renton, WA

Direct Primary Care Doctor

Dr. Elizabeth Eaman received her BA from Wesleyan University in Connecticut in “Letters”, a multidisciplinary major including history, philosophy, literature and French. She did graduate work in forensic science at Wayne State University in Detroit before going back to school to pursue medicine.

She received her medical degree from University of Michigan Medical School and completed Family Medicine residency at Tacoma Family Medicine in Washington.

After residency she worked in Washington State’s King County community health centers for HealthPoint before spending 6 years with University of Washington Neighborhood Clinics in Kent, WA.

After more than a decade working as an employee, she decided to start her own practice, Oodle Family Medicine, where she could be the kind of family doctor she envisioned in medical school.

She enjoys practicing the Direct Primary Care model because she has an unfettered partnership with her patients, free from the burdens of the corporate medical business model and profit-minded (instead of patient-minded) insurance agencies of modern American medical culture.

As the sole practitioner at Oodle Family Medicine, Dr. Eaman has been providing care for lesbian, bisexual, gay, queer, transgender, non-binary, gender-expansive and gender-diverse patients her entire career. She is passionate about educating medical students, residents and other physicians on how to provide appropriate care for this population. She is faculty with the University of Washington Medical School and works with students on their LGBTQ Pathways elective.

When not in clinic, Dr. Eaman plays music with her bands, Rainbow City Band and Filthy FemCorps. She also spends her free time with her animals, Archie the horse, Wally the dog, and Henry the cat.

Dr. Eaman also works occasionally for The Fred Hutch/SCCA Health Clinic and is Medical Director for Healthy Transitions in Montclair, NJ.

Board Certification: National Board of Physicians and Surgeons

Memberships: World Professional Association for Transgender Health, Gay, Lesbian Medical Association, And the DPC Alliance.



Renton physician cuts health insurance out of the picture, An Article in the Renton Reporter

Resources Mentioned by Dr. Eaman:

- Dr. Eaman Featured at the 2019 Nuts & Bolts Conference in Orlando.

She is featured around minute 38, but I encourage all to watch the entire presentation and then go back and listen do Dr. Meyer's My DPC Story interview as well!

- Passing The Torch - The Second Wave of Feminism in Michigan narrated by Lily Tomlin

- The Ideal Medical Practice by Dr. Pamela Wible

- Good (discount prescription pricing)

- UCSF Transgender Care - Guidelines by Madeline B. Deutsch, MD, MBA



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