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Episode 29: Ankit Vaghasiya of Best Care Pharmacy - Ramona, CA

Direct Care Pharmacist

Ankit Vaghasiya, RPh is a practicing direct care pharmacist. He even offers door to door prescription drop offs at patient's homes.
Ankit Vaghasiya is ready to help patients at his pharmacy.

Ankit Vaghasiya is the owner of Best Care Pharmacy, a family-owned and operated pharmacy that offers services on a cash basis. Although he does take insurance, he focuses on working with cash pay patients and working with physicians who practice medicine through the DPC and direct care models. As an independent pharmacy, he is able to tailor his services to his patient's needs and can offer services like door to door prescription drop-offs at patient's homes. Additionally, he is able to ship prescriptions as well as vaccines to practices in CA.

Maybe you are a Pharmacist or you know a Pharmacist interested in providing cash-based offerings or even opening up their own pharmacy. See more detailed offerings below.

Listen to Ankit's story for inspiration and consider reaching out to him to talk about the nuts and bolts of how he serves his patients. He discusses how he came to decide to leave the big box pharmacy world and describes price discrepancies between OTC medicines in those big box pharmacies vs his own.

Ankit has serviced multiple DPC Doctors in California and because he is able to ship medications and vaccines, a DPC Doctor in CA does not need to be local for their patients to benefit from his pharmacy.


- Lisinopril

- Metformin

- Amlodipine


- Lisinopril-HCTZ

- Tamsulosin

- Atenolol

- Trazodone

- Alendronate


- Flu $25

- Shingrix approximately $165 per dose



***please note that Ankit's interview was recorded in the Fall of 2020***

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