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Episode 68: Dr. Tea Nguyen (She/Her) of Pacific Point Podiatry - Watsonville, CA

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Direct Care Doctor

Dr. Tea is a podiatrist in Watsonville, Ca
Dr. Tea Nguyen of Pacific Point Podiatry

Dr. Tea Nguyen is a board certified podiatrist with a subspecialty in minimally invasive surgery and diabetic wound care. Her extensive fellowship training at UT Southwestern in Dallas was the foundation for her passion in helping at-risk people prevent major amputations. She offers office-based surgery to prevent recurrence of diabetic foot ulcers, which reduces common postop complications associated with traditional open surgery. She opened her private practice, Pacific Point Podiatry, in Watsonville CA in 2018 and she is married to Dr. Paul Nguyen and has a daughter named Vylet.


Website: Pacific Point Podiatry

IG: @drtea_podiatry

FB: Pacific Point Podiatry, Inc.