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The Dynamic DPC Duo: The Foundations of Foundation Direct Family Care

Updated: Jun 1


Dr. Little and Dr. Dziuba In Front of building
Dr. Michelle Little and Dr. Kayla Dziuba

In the realm of Direct Primary Care (DPC), the journey of entrepreneurs Dr. Kayla Dziuba (JOO-BAH) and Dr. Michelle Little offers invaluable insights and lessons for aspiring healthcare professionals. From initial challenges to triumphant decisions, their experiences shed light on the realities of starting and growing a DPC practice.

Starting Out Strong:

As Dr. Dziuba and Dr. Little recount their entrepreneurial beginnings, a remarkable journey unfolds. They emphasize the importance of setting clear expectations, open lines of communication, and the significance of partnering with someone who shares your vision. This foundation paved the way for their success, allowing them to navigate challenges and celebrate victories together.

Building Efficient Operations:

The hosts highlight the evolution of their operational processes, emphasizing the importance of job descriptions, employee handbooks, and streamlined task delegation. They stress that 'raises' in a DPC practice come in the form of improved efficiency, showcasing a unique approach to incentivizing staff and fostering a cohesive work environment.


Navigating Growth and Financial Decisions:

A critical aspect of their journey involved making strategic financial decisions, such as delaying personal compensation to reinvest in the practice. By prioritizing savings and strategically managing debt, Dr. Dziuba and Dr. Little were able to seize opportunities like purchasing a building, a significant milestone in their practice's growth trajectory. Their example underscores the value of an abundance mindset and prudent financial planning in the world of DPC entrepreneurship.

Adapting to Change:

As the practice expanded and patient panels grew, the hosts found themselves navigating changes in workload and time management. Utilizing automation and technology became essential tools for maintaining organization and optimizing patient care. Their adaptability showcases the importance of embracing change and leveraging innovation to enhance practice efficiency.

Embracing Challenges with Resilience:

One notable aspect of Dr. Dziuba and Dr. Little's journey is their candid discussion of challenges, including employee transitions and the importance of clear communication and expectations. Through these experiences, they learned valuable lessons in leadership, teamwork, and maintaining the practice's core values during times of transition.

Community Engagement and Practice Branding:

The hosts' dedication to community engagement and personalized care shines through their practice branding and outreach efforts. They underscore the significance of building relationships with patients and leveraging local resources to foster growth and connection within the community. Their commitment to holistic patient care is exemplified in their deliberate practice branding and outreach strategies.

Dr. Kayla Dziuba and Dr. Michelle Little's narrative serves as a beacon of inspiration and guidance for healthcare professionals embarking on their entrepreneurial journey in the DPC landscape. From resilience and adaptability to strategic decision-making and community engagement, their experiences offer a roadmap for success in cultivating a thriving DPC practice. By embracing challenges, fostering efficient operations, and prioritizing patient-centered care, aspiring DPC entrepreneurs can glean invaluable insights from their remarkable story.



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