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How DPC Saved My Medical Career

DPC Doctor

Dr. Jamie Eller in White Coat
Dr. Jamie Eller

In Episode 167 of the "My DPC Story Podcast," Dr. Maryal Concepcion interviews Dr. Jamie Eller, a dedicated physician whose journey in Direct Primary Care (DPC) began during her second year of residency. Inspired by graduates and colleagues, Dr. Eller balanced teaching at Sam Houston's College of Osteopathic Medicine with her passion for Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM). However, constrained by heavy teaching duties and limited control over patient demographics, she turned her sights toward DPC.

Dr. Eller discusses the hurdles of employed positions in family medicine, highlighting how these roles often restrict patient demographics and scope of practice. The stress and workload of her employed position created personal strain and marital tension, which fueled her decision to transition into DPC. Despite the challenges, Dr. Eller remained involved in teaching medical students, allowing them to rotate with her and learn about primary care and DPC.


Opting to cap her patient load at 250, Dr. Eller ensures a balanced work-life while maintaining financial stability. She provides insight into her transition from employment to opening her own DPC practice, including navigating 1099 contractor status and retaining her loyal patient base. Located in a rural yet growing area north of Conroe, Dr. Eller succeeded in growing her patient base organically through word-of-mouth referrals, initially starting with 66 patients and expanding to 88 within two months.

Dr. Eller’s practice thrives on personalized, accessible care. She emphasizes the importance of flexibility, aligning actions with words, and excellence in customer service. Her story illustrates how DPC can flourish in any environment, providing an inspiring blueprint for physicians considering this path. The episode delves into her background, touching on her extensive nursing experience, her non-traditional journey to medical school, and the influence of osteopathic principles in her career.

The episode also explores Dr. Eller's strategic marketing efforts, inspired by the Business Made Simple podcast and her choice to establish a physical location rather than a home-based DPC with telemedicine. Catering to young families, she provides a unique, non-judgmental approach to healthcare grounded in Christian beliefs and open patient discussions. Dr. Eller's practice embodies the true essence of DPC, standing out as a model for physicians aiming to transform their approach to patient care.

Tune into Episode 167 of the "My DPC Story Podcast" to hear Dr. Jamie Eller’s inspiring journey and learn valuable insights on successfully operating a Direct Primary Care practice.


Dr. Jamie Eller



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