Episode 95: Dr. Alia Hussain (She/Her) of Creekside Kids Pediatrics - The Woodlands, TX

Direct Primary Care Doctor

Dr. Alia Hussain is founder and owner of Creekside Kids Pediatrics
Dr. Alia Hussain on her way to do a home visit

Dr. Alia Z. Hussain has many years of pediatric experience. After residency and chief residency at NYU Winthrop Hospital in Long Island, New York, she moved to Jackson, Mississippi where she had a busy solo pediatric practice for a few years. For the last few years in the Woodlands area, Dr. Hussain has passionately provided care to children, from newborns to teens. She discovered direct pediatric care and chose this model of practice so she could have more time with her patients and provide them with the care that they truly deserve.

Dr. Hussain lives in Creekside with her three kids, ages 11, 7, 2 children.

She is an advocate for breastfeeding and having been a busy mom, she has the experience and expertise to provide support and advice to her patient's families.

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Welcome to the podcast, Dr.

Hussain. Thank you for having me.

Last season we were supposed to have you on the podcast and things happened, but now you are, about to approach your second anniversary in your practice. And so I think this is even more of a power punch of an episode because you have all of that experience underneath your, belt.

Absolutely. So now I can speak to you with, you know, this whole last year and a half worth of worth of experience. In the beginning, you know, it was a kind of Rocky road and a completely unknown territory. so like definitely more to say and, more to discuss with you today. I love

that. And I wanna start with having the audience hear about your journey because your journey has definitely been, a vast journey geographically.

You went from Connecticut. To New York to Mississippi and now in the Woodlands, Texas. So can you tell us about your journey into medicine and your journey before opening your DPC?

Sure. So my journey of medicine probably even started like in childhood cuz my, my dad was a physician.

So, you know, even from the beginning, I was exposed to that way of life and just, he always put his patients first and, so even from early on, you know, I was exposed to medicine. After, boarding school, I actually went to medical school in Pakistan, , which is where my family's from.

I was at one of the oldest medical schools in, in Pakistan and, um, so I saw a lot of disease pathology that maybe I wouldn't have been able to here in the states. And then I moved back, um, I was in Boston for a bit, so I did some research there at