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Episode 45: Dr. Rosana Lastra (She/Her) of Head2Toe Pediatrics - St. Petersburg, FL

Direct Pediatric Care Doctor

She is wearing a Cat In The Hat Costume
Dr. Rosana Lastra of Head2Toe Pediatrics

Dr. Lastra is founder and lead pediatrician at Head2Toe Pediatrics, a concierge style direct primary care practice. Dr. Lastra is the first and only pediatric direct primary care provider in the Tampa Bay Area to provide house calls for all pediatric health needs. She can handle all pediatric primary care needs that a pediatrician would handle in the office, in the comfort of the family's home. Dr. Lastra is directly accessible to her patients 24/7 providing care that is not only convenient and accessible, but also personalized to the needs of the family.

In today's interview, she shares her story of how she always dreamt of being a pediatrician and how the fee-for-fervice model was not a good fit. She shares about the tools she uses and loves and how she is able to be a pioneer by being the first pediatrician doing virtual care and a house call-only practice for all pediatric needs in the Tampa area. Through her own practice, she is also able to let her creative side shine. Watch the video below to see more on this!

Dr. Lastra chats about her practice... with some of her friends!