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Episode 32: Dr. Lauren Hedde of Direct Doctors - East Greenwich, RI

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Direct Primary Care Doctor

Dr. Lauren Hedde is a Direct Osteopathic Physician
Dr. Lauren Hedde

Dr. Lauren Hedde, DO is a family physician and co-founder of Direct Doctors in East Greenwich, RI.

She trained in primary care at Brown and found herself motivated to start something new and better. Coming fresh out of residency, Dr. Lauren opened her practice with a goal to keep overhead low, modeling her clinic after the Ideal Medical Practice or micropractice concept.

The guiding principal in the practice has remained, "the simplest solution is almost always the best." She and her partners have developed hacks to keep overhead low while maintaining the goals of an independent, innovative and highly accessible practice for their patients.

Dr. Hedde is releasing the blog, detailing efforts to improve physician burnout, particularly in primary care, and helping fellow physicians find the courage and resources to begin their own low overhead Direct Care practices.

In her interview, she describes the "hacks" she uses in more detail and shares about how she has had to establish boundaries with her patients over the years. She shares how the clinic operates without staff, how it has thrived throughout the years and so much more!

Together with her Husband Dr. James Hedde and Dr. Mark Turshen, she has been practicing at Direct Doctors since 2014.


Resources mentioned by Dr. Hedde

-Her Blog,


(401) 400-2699


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