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Episode 20: Dr. Dhrupad Joshi of We-Care Neurology - Riverside, CA

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Direct Care Doctor

Dr. Joshi is located in Southern California.
Dr. Dhrupad Joshi

Dr. Dhrupad Joshi is board-certified Physician in Neurology and Psychiatry and is a fellowship-trained Clinical Neurophysiologist.

He Graduated from UCLA with a Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry. He then went onto Medical school in Las Vegas followed by residency where he served as chief resident in Neurology before his Neurophysiology training at UCLA.

During his residency and fellowship at UCLA- Harbor Medical Center, he developed additional expertise in Headache and Epilepsy disorders.

He is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Neurology at California University of Science and Medicine, CA and also serves as a Medical Director of the Neurodiagnostic lab at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center.

Dr. Joshi’s interest in headache disorders and cranial neuralgias led him to get further expertise in treatment options including Botox therapy and he also has interests in epilepsy, management of Peripheral/Painful neuropathy, Myasthenia gravis, Headaches/ Migraines, Nerve blocks, Trigger point injections, botox, myobloc for headaches, drooling, spasticity, cervical dystonia, sphenopalatine ganglion block, Vagal Nerve stimulator programming, management of epilepsy comorbidities, Neuromuscular disorders, cerebral palsy, concussions, tics, Tourette syndrome, malformations of the central nervous system, dementia, demyelinating diseases, and post-infectious disease.

He opened We-Care Neurology in June 2020!

References Mentioned By Dr. Joshi

- (CME accredited workshops for physicians)


Toll-free Contact Phone: (855) 220-1777

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