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Episode 113: Dr. Amber Beckenhauer & Dr. Maryal Concepcion

Direct Primary Care Doctors

They are Calibraska sisters!
Dr. Amber Beckenhauer & Dr. Maryal Concepcion

Dr. Beckenhauer (she/her) is known by almost all of her patients as "Dr. B." She grew up in the small Nebraska town of Ashland where she now has a second location. She completed her medical degree at KCUMB in Kansas City, MO from 2004-2008, and finished Family Practice residency in Lincoln, NE in 2011. In July of 2011, she moved to Blair with her family to begin employment at MCH & Health System. From 2011-2017, she not only practiced Primary Care at the clinic for all ages, but also delivered infants by vaginal or cesarean delivery, staffed the Emergency Room, served as Medical Director of the ER & Blair Clinic, and lastly served as Medical Staff President before her departure. From 2018 on, she continues to help the local hospital by working in the ER and delivering babies vaginall and by C-section. Dr. Beckenhauer enjoys teaching Family Practice Residents in her spare time, and started at Nebraska Medicine/Clarkson Family Residency Program in the Fall of 2018 to help promote the education of Rural Family Practice.

With her Osteopathic Medicine background, whole person healthcare resonates with her. It also drives her passion for Integrative Wellness and Hormonal Balance. To further her studies, she has completed courses for the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Dr. Beckenhauer believes that Passions Starts With People, and we can all make a difference...ONE Patient/Person at a TIME.