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Delivering Humanism In Medicine Through Direct Primary Care with Dr. Tom Rountree


Dr. Rountree wearing a white jacket
Dr. Tom Rountree

Dr. Tom Rountree shares his thoughtful journey from navigating the constraints of the corporate health model to embracing the empowering framework of Direct Primary Care (DPC) in this latest episode of the My DPC Story podcast. This episode not only explores a physician’s quest for a more humane approach to medicine but also delves into the strategic implementations that define the success of a DPC practice.

Breaking Away from Corporate Health

Dr. Rountree’s stint in the corporate health industry was marked by rigid metrics and depersonalized checklists that often overshadowed patient care. Although challenging, these experiences illuminated his path towards a more fulfilling practice. The realization that medicine could and should prioritize patient well-being led him to pivot towards a model that offers both respect for physicians and humane care for patients. He eventually moved to a physician-owned company before embracing Direct Primary Care.


Inspiration and Practical Steps Toward DPC

The transformation to DPC was fueled by networking with like-minded professionals and a solid financial strategy. Dr. Rountree utilized savings from his previous job to invest in essential resources and software for his new practice. His proactive approach included extensive research about the DPC model, underpinning the viability of his venture.

Technological and Operational Adjustments

Upon establishing his DPC clinic, Dr. Rountree faced the daunting task of integrating technology that aligns with patient-centric services. From dealing with Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) to tailoring insurance reimbursements for home visits, each challenge was met with a strategic response, including offering a blend of in-person and virtual consultations, which adapted well to needs heightened by the pandemic era.


Pricing Strategy and Patient Recruitment

In setting the pricing structure of his DPC practice, Dr. Rountree took a calculated approach by aligning his desired patient count with practical subscription rates. His promotional strategies, such as offering a free referral month, were designed to build a sustainable patient base. This thoughtful structuring extends to his approach with small businesses, offering employee health packages aimed at companies valuing quality healthcare.

Policy Influence and Community Outreach

Beyond direct patient care, Dr. Rountree has extended his expertise to rewriting medical policies and actively interacting with policymakers to advocate for DPC. His involvement in policy-making, guided by comprehensive research and adherence to state laws and norms, underscores his commitment to broader systemic change in healthcare.

Educational Initiatives and Media Engagement

Dr. Rountree’s endeavor to educate and engage is exemplified in his mindfulness courses, tailored to encourage lifestyle modifications among his patients, and his Clear Health Podcast. He connects with community experts through his podcast, further enriching his listeners’ understanding of varied health and wellness topics.

As Dr. Rountree continues to refine his practice and outreach activities, his story is a testament to the potential of Direct Primary Care to re-humanize the healthcare experience. His journey resonates with many physicians disillusioned with the impersonal nature of large-scale healthcare systems, pointing towards a future where healthcare is accessible, personal, and deeply connected to community well-being.

Dr. Concepcion wraps up the podcast by inviting listeners to join the My DPC Story Patreon community, reinforcing the ethos of collective support and shared growth in the DPC landscape.



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