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Dr. Barry in her white coat
Dr. Deanna Barry of Barry Pediatrics

As we await Season THREE of My DPC Story, there are still LOTS of things happening in the DPC space!

Dr. Deanna Barry shares the details on the very FIRST Pediatric DPC Mastermind coming in February!

The Mastermind will take place February 24-26th in Orlando Florida!

  • Total Mastermind Cost -- $415 per person (pay via Venmo: @PediatricDPCMastermind). Discounted rates available for guests of physician attendees.

  • Earn CME hours (~15) and learn a ton while also enjoying opportunities to socialize and savor plenty of free time for relaxation, introspection, and rejuvenation

  • Interested in scholarship opportunities? Click the link below!

The Mastermind will cover many topics related to running a DPC business as well as general pediatrics, including: what to consider when deciding if DPC is a good fit, how to budget expenses, establishing membership fees, keys to identify and market your target patient population, setting boundaries and expectations, how social media can help build your business, choosing a brick and mortar office, how to pick various products (EHR, communication, billing, etc), everything you need to know about vaccines, lactation medicine review, a refresher course and training of the most common urgent care procedures, and more!