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A Deep Dive into Direct Musculoskeletal Care with Dr. Fred Bagares of MSK Direct

Dr. Bagares with suit and hands confidently crossed.
Dr. Fred Bagares of MSK Direct

In this episode of the My DPC Story Podcast, Dr. Fred Bagares shared his transformative journey from a traditional, insurance-based medical practice to pioneering his own direct primary care (DPC) model at MSK Direct. This transition not only revolutionized his professional life, but also restored his personal well-being. Let's delve into the key aspects that drove Dr. Bagares to make this significant shift in his career.

The Drawbacks of Traditional Medical Practice

Dr. Bagares initially followed the conventional path in sports and rehabilitation medicine. However, the constraints of an insurance-driven system, which often prioritizes quantity over quality, left him feeling disconnected from his patients and professionally unfulfilled. The burnout became tangible when Dr. Bagares experienced chest pains, which miraculously ceased the day he decided to quit his job. This was a profound moment that underscored the need for change.

Embracing a New Model: Direct Primary Care

Determined to focus more on patient care rather than procedural quotas, Dr. Bagares embarked on establishing MSK Direct. Direct Primary Care (DPC) allows physicians to offer comprehensive care through a membership model, sidestepping the pitfalls of insurance billing. Patients pay a monthly fee, which covers most of what they might need from a primary care doctor, enhancing accessibility and ensuring a higher standard of care.

Technological Integration and Patient Interaction

Transitioning to a telemedicine format initially posed challenges, such as gathering comprehensive patient data and maintaining effective communication with other healthcare providers. However, Dr. Bagares optimized technology to enhance his practice's reach and efficiency. He emphasized the importance of personal interactions, making efforts to connect with potential patients through direct phone calls and texts, which not only personalized the experience but also streamlined the care process.

Creating a Niche in Rehabilitation Medicine

MSK Direct isn't just another DPC practice; it specializes in musculoskeletal disorders focusing on rehabilitation rather than surgical interventions. Dr. Bagares discussed the importance of understanding the natural course of these conditions and providing targeted, non-surgical care. This approach aligns with his training in physiatry and addresses a significant market need, particularly in areas like Virginia Beach, VA where he practices.

A Place for Professional and Personal Growth

Dr. Bagares highlighted how the DPC model has allowed him to balance his professional aspirations with his personal well-being. The ability to set his own hours and manage his patient load means he can spend more time with his family and less time at the office. This balance is crucial for his happiness and providing the best care possible to his patients.

Future Directions and Continuous Improvement

Looking ahead, Dr. Bagares remains committed to refining his practice. He is keenly interested in integrating more comprehensive services like regenerative medicine under the DPC model, staying true to his expertise while expanding care options for his patients. Moreover, Dr. Bagares continues to advocate for the benefits of the DPC model, hoping to inspire other physicians with his success and satisfaction in practicing medicine that truly prioritizes patient care.

Dr. Fred Bagares’ story is a compelling testament to the viable alternatives available to physicians feeling stifled by traditional healthcare settings. By embracing a model that aligns more closely with his personal values and professional freedoms, Dr. Bagares has enhanced his own life and set a benchmark in patient-centric care. His journey reminds us that at the heart of healthcare should always be the well-being of both the patient and the practitioner.

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