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Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Reach the Pinnacle of Professional Freedom in Direct Primary Care

A Virtual Conference held July 16-18th at

The annual DPC Summit hosted by the AAFP will be July 16-18th at
The 2021 AAFP DPC Summit Logo

Direct primary care (DPC) isn’t business as usual. If you’re intrigued by the opportunity to say goodbye to administrative complexity and provide exceptional patient care on your terms, Direct Primary Care Summit is the premier conference for education around starting, operating, and growing a DPC practice.

  • Learn from DPC pioneers who want to share their expertise

  • Network with peers who share your passion for whole-patient care

  • Grab your favorite device and log in from anywhere–it’s virtua

In today's BONUS EPISODE, hear Courtney Sleypen, Senior Program Coordinator for the Division of Practice Advancement at the AAFP share about what we can all expect at this year's conference.

Here are some of the important bits of information

Courtney shared with us today:

  • The AAFP DPC Summit will be held virtually from July 16 to 18th at

  • For general questions related to the Summit, please email or call the hotline1-800-274-2237.

  • For Med Students and Residents interested in the free track, you can email the AAFP as Courtney mentioned but also, Dr. Kenneth Qiu has created a direct registration form HERE, also in the show notes and on the resources tab at

  • REGISTER HERE! Registration fees are $500 for members, $600 for non members, $150 for residents $50 for med students. There is a $175 for a single-day access fee and $75 for the employer pre-conference only.

*****Early Bird registration for those paying the member and non-member rates only needs to be in by this Monday, June 21st. The savings is $200 off registration fees.*****

TECH ISSUES BEFORE OR DURING THE SUMMIT Email or call the hotline 1-800-274-2237


Preview to the Summit with Courtney Sleypen

[00:00:00] Direct primary care is an innovative alternative path to insurance driven healthcare. Typically patients pay their doctor a low monthly membership and in return build a lasting relationship with their doctor and have their doctor available at their fingertips.

[00:00:29] Thanks for tuning in guys today is a very special extra episode of the podcast because I'm going to be talking with Courtney slate, Penn, who is senior program coordinator for the division of practice advancement at the AFP. And she and Bethany have been working together to bring this year's summit to fruition, and they are still working super, super hard at getting everything organized.

[00:00:54] So we have an amazing team. Courtney. Thank you so much for joining me today and welcome to the podcast. [00:01:00] Yeah. Thank you for inviting me. This is exciting. I don't know if I should admit this here to everyone, but this is actually the first time I've been a part of a podcast. So. Wonderful. Well, I I'm honored that this is your, your first experience on the airwaves and what an experience to have it revolve around.

[00:01:20] So the deep, the AFP DPC summit is going to be held between July 16th and 18th, virtually this year. And I'm super excited. One because it's the first official summit of the year. And two, because this is a time when everybody who is interested in DPC can come together at the same exact time. And even though we are not in personally a sear, we still can do networking around this event.

[00:01:48] So can you tell us about this year summit and what we have? We've got two and a half days jam packed. We're disappointed that we aren't [00:02:00] going to be alive. This is a really unique but fun group that like you mentioned, really enjoys networking and being together. And so I think that means that next year live will be super fun, but we've got all sorts of things planned, um, really good sessions.

[00:02:16] We're bringing back the procedural workshops. That was a huge hit that we added in last year. We're going to have that. We're bringing back the student resident track, um, Saturdays really kind of become our. Kind of nuts and bolts and where we get into how you start a practice or how you can grow your practice.

[00:02:34] So lots of great information coming your way. So let's hit this in more detail cause I love, I I'm so excited just listening to you. So two and a half days, we're starting on July 16th, which is Friday. And is there a preconference this time around? So we are not going to do the pre-conference. We will still have the employer workshop that will still be a part of the event.

[00:02:56] And then on Friday. So we'll have, so we'll start with just [00:03:00] like some great general opening sessions, kind of just get everybody. Hey, thank you for coming back. We're so excited that you're here. Let's kick this weekend off and then we will have a morning procedural workshop. I believe ONT is in the morning.

[00:03:16] And then in the afternoon we've got dermoscopy Nick Thompson, Vance Lassey, which are our two favorite physicians in this, in this area, in this section, um, are going to be doing a skills hack. Um, and then we've also that our student and resident tracks, so it, along with some other kinds of sessions in there.

[00:03:33] So great Friday to get us started learning dermoscopy last year at eight, even though it was virtual, it was super high yield and always Dr. Thompson, Dr. Lassy just ridiculously helpful information and really encouraging. To look upon your own skills and say, Hey, I actually can do those things. Right. So now I want to ask you, you mentioned OMT who is going to be doing the LMT [00:04:00] procedure session.

[00:04:01] Oh, you would ask me that. And I am I so hope that I do not butcher her name. Her name is Dr. Amy. Compose I think that it was how you say it. So she is a physician that's going to be presenting that, and we're really excited to have her on board. And she's going to talk, she's going to get into kind of, you know, how you can implement that into your practice and, um, basic skills kind of involved with the applications.

[00:04:26] Awesome. Courtney, tell, tell me more please. About the resident and medical student focused track, because I know having. Um, spoken with Ken Q about how he is moderating that part of the summit that residents and medical students can attend for free. But how does that all work out in addition to the other presentations in the summit?

[00:04:50] So there's a couple of different options. So the student and resident track will kick off on Friday, July 16th. And that is from five to 7:00 [00:05:00] PM. And it is, it is free if you want to attend just the student and resident. Okay. That is free to students and residents. And then if they wish to attend the full event, there is, there's a small fee that's associated for students and residents, but they can't attend the whole session, but just that small student and resident track.

[00:05:20] Courtney I had seen on the website, there are also scholarships. So how would it work if a medical student or resident was wanting to do the free track, the whole summit and the scholarship? What, what would the process, what we actually are asking them to do? If you're interested in attending that track is to.

[00:05:40] Notify send an email to, let us know you're interested. And then what we're gonna do, um, is get you in touch with Dr. Kenneth Q who's capturing the list. So apologies the application period actually closed last week for the scholarship. However, [00:06:00] good news. We received 34 applicants. I feel like the applicant pool continues to go up every year, which is really great.

[00:06:07] And I. That's one of the great things about being virtual is that they have a little bit more flexibility to attend. And so we are currently working. All of those applications are being reviewed by the planning committee, and then we're going to notify 10 individuals they've won, they'll get free registration for the whole conference.

[00:06:26] And then of course we'll notify those that weren't selected, but, um, we will continue to try to encourage donations to the scholarship fund. We have not dived into that pool in the last two years. So we've got a decent amount to really pave the way for hotel and travel costs in 2022 fingers crossed that we're live.

[00:06:47] Um, and then we can, you know, pay the way for some to come in and attend the conference lives. And what is the cost per medical student or resident to attend? Resident registration [00:07:00] fee is one 50. It's the same, no matter when you register. And then for medical students, it's 50. So Courtney now onto Saturday, what can we expect for Saturday?

[00:07:13] So Saturday, we will kick off with just some more general sessions. Um, but Saturday is really where we, I feel like we get into kind of the meats and potatoes of the, the event. This is where we'll essentially break out into our, starting to track or are growing a track. Um, and so, you know, for the most part, we, most of our attendance is coming to they're either they either started transitioning or they're interested.

[00:07:40] Um, but now we have. This percentage of physicians that have been practicing in this model. And so we have started now providing this growing a practice track, which is kind of like, what, how can you add, um, how can you add value? How, how can you add to your patient [00:08:00] panel? Um, what about staffing your clinic or Irene more physicians?

[00:08:05] So a lot of really great topics there. Um, and we'll get, we'll get into that on Saturday. Wonderful. And, you know, ever since the tracks were added, I think that definitely brings value to the summit because even if you've been to every single summit, There might be one, you know, one piece of information, one person that you meet at the summit that could really change your outlook as to how you practice the next day.

[00:08:32] You go back to your clinic or the next time you pick up a call with a patient. So that's awesome. And then, and then how about Saturday? Okay. So Sunday is another jam packed fun day. We're going to cover some of those, not so fun, but really necessary topics like legal updates. Um, we have Dr. Julie Gunther, who's going to be talking about how to add spark to your practice.

[00:08:59] And then we've got a [00:09:00] really great panel about kind of the encompasses integrative medicine. We've got a psychiatrist that's sitting there on that panel. Um, and then we're gonna wrap it up. Um, with Dr. Haynes and, uh, panel, we're really excited to be adding this year. That's about breaking barriers and providing, you know, just some culturally competent, inclusive care into your practice setting.

[00:09:27] Um, so important for physicians, especially after 2020. Right? So I agree, a hundred percent Courtney, thank you so much for going through the rundown of what to expect during the day. What can we expect when we attend the summit and we have technical issues. Yep. Really great question. So we have an FAQ page on the DPC, where we would encourage all of our attendees to go and make sure that they know how to check their connections and their internet speeds.

[00:09:59] So to make sure [00:10:00] that they're set up so that they can, you know, Access the event and don't have issues streaming. And then all of our attendees will get access to the actual virtual platform a week before the event. And this is a time where we would really strongly encourage everybody to get in there.

[00:10:19] Start customizing their profile. Take a look at the program and start setting up your program schedule. But there is in there a comprehensive FAQ that on services, our event production team has put together. There's also some quick video tutorials that you can watch. You can test your Mike and controls and what they have.

[00:10:41] They call them like pre event round table room. Um, you can start to see who some of our exhibitors are and schedule one-on-one meetings with them if you want, or even with the faculty presenters. Um, I think that's a really exciting feature. Those, those are some exciting features that we have that we didn't have last year.

[00:11:00] [00:11:00] Yeah. And just really being able to, I think it will be kind of fun for the attendees to put together their profile. Then during the actual live event, there's a help desk within the platform. And that's where that, that comprehensive FAQ is the video tutorials. And then that's where you'll go during the event.

[00:11:20] If you're having tech issues, we have somebody on services have, has someone that will be onsite to help answer questions that are coming in via email. If you're having issues like pre event, then you'll want to send us to Or you can always email So a few different kind of, depending on what your issues are.

[00:11:44] If they're tech during the event, we would encourage you to email via the platform that help desk, but you can always email or Perfect. [00:12:00] Thank you so much. Yeah, but I I'll, I'll include this in the show notes as well, because it's just so crucial. Like I remember for the most part, the help desk was insanely responsive and insanely helpful.

[00:12:15] When I did have a couple of tech issues getting, uh, the volume to work. I remember that was my issue last year, but I feel. That, this idea that you guys are having a whole pre week of getting your feet wet, so to speak, um, is, is really going to help reduce hopefully connection issues and just general questions about using tech.

[00:12:34] If somebody has not attended the summit before, or it's been a year and they don't remember exactly what was there a thing that was the problem they had to troubleshoot last year. That's awesome. And when you talk about networking, in addition to meeting potentially the faculty who are presenting the vendors, uh, in this pre week, what about during the event?

[00:12:56] How is it set up to in terms of networking events and meeting [00:13:00] with vendors during the 16 through 18? So we do have specific times that are scheduled into the agenda for breaks. Yeah. We really encourage our attendees to go visit the exhibitor booth. We've got some, some of our, there, there will be some familiar faces, but we've also got some new exhibitors.

[00:13:20] So we're excited about that. Um, but then there's also like we have discussion boards. I think this is one of the great things about having access a week ahead. Like you can just get in and familiarize yourself with just the platform as a whole, so that once the event kicks off, you kind of. People can start getting in, um, starting discussion boards, having conversations, um, of course like years past we'll have the polls, um, whether or not sessions are live or prerecorded, the faculty will be in the Q and a to answer any questions in real time.

[00:13:57] Um, and [00:14:00] then we also have. Kind of, one of the neat features about this platform that we're using this year is that you can, an attendee can be watching a session with another attendee or exhibitor via like a one-on-one video chat. So it's kind of cool. You can kind of like explore and watch together. Um, And then we also have this AI matchmaking, which is something we've been doing on the back end is like with all of our sessions and things.

[00:14:28] We think the attendees might be looking like putting in keywords and things like that. So say for instance, if you want to get in there a week ahead of time and start taking a look at the agenda and like, what sessions do I really want to attend? You can kind of be putting in keywords and then so pop up that, you know, suggest to you that, oh, Hey, you might want to attend this event.

[00:14:47] Could you put it in this key word? That's really cool. And Courtney, what about once people are in the event and they're attending a session, the session, the session blew their minds. Like, you know, they [00:15:00] heard, uh, Dr. Christina and Dr. Jake much talk about defiant, DPC, and how things are going when you're later.

[00:15:06] And they want to connect with them. They, if somebody wants to connect with a physician who has presented, are there going to be clickable links in the bio's or how, how do we go about contacting one another after this? Yep. So that page will exist. There will be a speaker page or a faculty page. I'm not sure exactly how on services plans to identify that, you know, clickable tab.

[00:15:32] Um, but there will, and, um, it will have headshots if we have headshots and it will have bios. If we have bios. Um, it just kinda depends on whatever information our faculty provided to us. We could have Twitter handles in there, Instagrams, um, email addresses. Um, so yes, there will definitely be a way to connect with faculty.

[00:15:53] Um, same sort of thing. If you go visit an exhibitor booth, all of that's going to be in there too. Um, [00:16:00] faculty information will also be available on DPC, um, website as well. So that'll be kind of in two different places. In case. Yeah. I just want to kind of throw that out there that we'll have the faculty information, both on the DPC

[00:16:16] And within the event platform, you can go and like, read about them. These are the things that they really wanted to highlight about themselves, that they felt was, you know, unique to them. And then also you'll be able to get contact information if you want to follow up with them during or after the. And Courtney, what I loved about last year's summit also was that if you were in a, if you were in attendance and you couldn't make a session, for whatever reason, you could have access to the recordings afterwards, how is it going to be set up this year in terms of accessing the re the recordings or the sessions, if you aren't able to attend in-person, but you've paid your registration.

[00:16:54] Yeah. Yeah, we haven't quite worked out some of the specifics and the nuances, [00:17:00] but yes, we will be recording all, all of these sessions will be recorded and available to attendees. Um, we usually have about a month turnaround and then anywhere from like six months to a year that there'll be available. They will be free to those who, you know, pay to attend.

[00:17:16] Um, and then there is a fee for those maybe who didn't want to attend, but want to go back and purchase later, that'll be available. We're gonna be providing that. And what we kind of kept called. So we're applying for not only see me, but we're also going to be providing later on, um, a self study package.

[00:17:34] So yes, they will be available. We typically do a year. So I would imagine some, I would imagine for probably a year after the event. And those are always uploaded onto the DPC webpage. For those people who you mentioned, the self study package, will it be something where you can pick all a cart?

[00:17:53] Like I really am interested in these sessions in particular, or will it be like, this is the, uh, grow a practice track. [00:18:00] This is the new to start a practice track. How, how will that work? That's a great question. And this is new to both Bethany and I, so I, I don't have great specifics. Um, but yes, I do think that we have some of those options and we'll definitely, probably take that into account and try to make that available.

[00:18:18] Like we do with the toolkit. We re have really revamped that and updated it within the last few years and try to make it so, okay. Maybe I'm not really, I don't really need to know this piece, or I'm really curious about branding or I have some questions about legislative issues. You can kind of pick and choose either.

[00:18:36] I want the whole entire tool kit, or I just want these pieces. And you mentioned CME, what type of CME can a person expect if they attend a part of the conference or the whole conference? So we are currently working. We have we've submitted our application. So we're, we're working to get our CME. We usually provide anywhere between 15 to 18 credits.

[00:18:59] 18 is [00:19:00] kind of on the high. I would expect for it to be probably something like 15 to 16 credits. Um, so yes, we plan to have CME as well. Um, The student and resident track, and then the employer workshop, those sessions won't have seen me attached with them. But thank you for clarifying that I definitely was going to ask about the med students and residents portion.

[00:19:20] So thank you. I want to go back to registration out. What happens if you are not a member of the AFP, or if you're not family medicine, what would you advise for those people who are not. In one of those categories, you do not have to be an AFP member. Anybody can attend this. If you are having issues, getting registered, we would just encourage you to reach out to the DPC web email address

[00:19:47] And we can get you in touch with member services, who can assist you with that, and then touching it a little bit. Additionally, on that as part of kind of adding value to the summit, we continue to add some different sorts of topics. And I think for some of [00:20:00] those that may be. I think we've seen interest from like clinics staff.

[00:20:04] We've gotten inquiries from, you know, physicians who've been encouraged to come, but they're like practicing psychiatrists. And I think that's one of the great thing about, um, the panels that we have and the diversity amongst the faculty is that, you know, we have in Dr. Sharon McCoy, Georgia. Panel session on Sunday, she specifically is talking about integrative medicine and different, different types of modalities that you can add into your practice.

[00:20:30] And so we do, we actually happen to have a practicing psychiatrist who. It takes more of a holistic integrative approach. Um, and she's going to be sitting on that panel and talking about herself and her practice and what she does. So I think that's one of the great things. I know we, we kind of tweaked our slogan a little bit this year, but that I think it.

[00:20:53] Still that the DPC Selman is we've got a little bit of something for everybody. This really is about practicing on [00:21:00] your terms. What do you want this to look like? And so we try to add a bunch of these different things, these nuts and bolts that are going to apply to the majority of our attendees, but then some other things that, you know, kind of educate you on different ways to add value to your practice, or, yeah, just to kind of it's, it really is about practicing on your own.

[00:21:19] I, this is just super exciting because you know, previous classes, previous guests on the podcast have included people who do primary care in the form of pediatrics, internal medicine, family medicine. And then also there've been specialists on the podcast as well, who are looking to do direct specialty care or cash pay, um, specialty care.

[00:21:36] So I love that. You know, just, just like there is learning going on all the time, uh, from people listening to the podcast, from people going to Facebook groups from people networking outside of the summit. I love that, that you guys have set it up so that anyone can attend, even if they are not an AFP member or a family medicine doctor.

[00:22:00] [00:21:59] And thank you. So is who to contact if they're having issues with registration there. Yes. Courtney after a person registers for the event, what can they expect to receive in their inbox and when, before that pre week of the summit. So next steps, I don't know if the email is going to come directly from on services or it's going to be from, from swap card.

[00:22:26] They're going to get an email. So essentially staff on the backend, we're going to take care of getting this list of registrant's, um, over to our platform, production team platform, vendor. Who will then get them registered and then they'll get an email that will kind of essentially give them some log in information.

[00:22:44] And so everybody will be registered within a week of the event. And then that's really your time to kind of get in and start familiarizing yourself with the platform. Make sure your internet speeds and your connection is good, but you will be receiving an email from [00:23:00] our production team or platform vendor that will give you some kind of unique registration information.

[00:23:06] It's pretty intuitive. Um, nothing overly complicated, but again, you know, we have our events, email, and then our DPC summit email. If you are having any issues, please just reach out to us and we're happy to, to follow up with you and make sure that you're getting access and, or answer whatever access questions you have.

[00:23:24] In terms of registration discounts. I want to ask, because I had just learned that if you are a DPC Alliance member, you get a hundred dollars off. And are there any other discounts that are available for people to take advantage of in, with regards to registering for the event? So if you are a member of either the FMTC ACO, AFP, AFP, or DPC Alliance, you do get a discount, um, and they should all have a code.

[00:23:53] And then it's really just a matter of you got to get in before that June 21st date. Um, that's kind of like our early bird [00:24:00] registration. So would encourage everybody to, if you are interested, if you're thinking about this, we do offer a one day registration option. Um, if you're kind of, not sure you could just, you know, register for one day, kind of see what you think.

[00:24:11] And then if you really feel like this is a fit for you, or you want to continue to explore it, then, you know, color events or email events, and then we'll get you registered for the rest of the event, but get in before that June 21st day. So you can get that discount $200 discount. That's fantastic savings.

[00:24:29] Yeah. That is absolutely fantastic. And, um, for people who are part of the, um, T to access codes for those organizations that you mentioned, do physicians contact their, those respective organizations for the codes. Okay. Wonderful. Thank you. Yep. And what we'll, this is getting into the nitty gritty. If somebody does attend one day of the event and they're like, oh my goodness, I've only listened to three lectures and I need to attend the rest of the summit.

[00:24:59] Are [00:25:00] you guys going to be open in terms of receiving calls during the weekend, or is it all through email that they contact you? If they want to attend the full event, we always have a hotline that's available during, especially for our events. So we should have somebody that's available. And I can make sure I can follow up with you to make sure we kind of get that advertised.

[00:25:23] So people know what number they can call, but then certainly we're going to have three or four of us that we'll be checking the DPC email address. So if there's some questions in there we can assist with that too. And we'll have, I mean, we have an events team member who works closely with us on this event.

[00:25:38] And so she'll be with us that weekend, too. So she'll handle a lot of that kind of registration logistics that always happens. It always happens. People always register at the last minute or decide they want to do the whole thing, or I can only attend one day. So do not fret. We will have, we will be on, we will have people onsite to kind of help get you registered or answer [00:26:00] any of those questions.

[00:26:01] Okay. And I, you know, I cannot even imagine the things that go into creating this awesome event, but I know having seen Bethany the last time in person at the 2019 summit in Chicago, for anybody who has attended in person, we absolutely appreciate all the work that you guys put into this. And, you know, I am really glad to hear that, you know, you guys are going to be available in person that's it reminds me so much of how Bethany was, you know, helping everybody in, anybody in person.

[00:26:30] In the, uh, the hallway outside of the 2019 summit rooms, but this is, this is great. And I definitely would, would encourage people to take a really hard look at the agenda and see, you know, if there's value and, you know, the names of the folks who are presenting are on the agenda. So you can even potentially reach out to those people beforehand, if you're not sure about, Hey, is this going to bring me value to maybe assess if we should attend the whole summit or not beforehand?

[00:26:57] See your page should be available on the website. [00:27:00] So you can start kind of digging a little bit deeper into the faculty, um, and seeing if that kind of sparks some additional interest. If you're a member of two organizations that you mentioned previously, could you do two codes or is there only one code accepted at the time you are asking a really great question and I don't do registration.

[00:27:20] I don't know anything about stacking codes. I do know that you can, the codes have nothing to do with the June 21st deadlines. You can use those codes at any time and you'll get that discount. I will, I don't know. Stacking. I'll have to look into that. Uh, just shoot us an email and we'll, we'll let you know about stacking codes.

[00:27:39] I wasn't prepared for that question about stacking codes, but I mean, I would, I could see myself wanting to stack discount code. So it's a fair question. Awesome. And Courtney is, are there any other important facts or features about the summit that we haven't touched on that you wanted to add today?

[00:27:58] About what to [00:28:00] expect at this year's AFP DPC site? No, I really think we've covered a lot. I think I just want to kind of reiterate that despite the fact that we are virtual, we have a really great weekend planned a lot of really great sessions, really great faculty, lot of great content and information.

[00:28:20] And we did not know what to expect in 2020, especially with COVID being very much at large and her numbers were just as high. And so I think that just goes to show that the value is still here. This is information that, um, if you are interested in DPC in any way, shape or form, you're still going to come.

[00:28:40] And we're sad that we can't be in person. Um, but I think there is still a lot of value here. And it'll be pretty similar to what, what you saw last year. And I think the most, I think the thing that a lot of the docs are excited about is these clinical workshops. And so, and we were really excited to [00:29:00] bring that last year and we're excited to be able to do that again this year.

[00:29:03] You guys have so many moving parts that you guys are organizing. And again, you know, I'm sure that everybody who attends a summit is just super grateful for all the hard work you've put in. And thank you so much, Courtney and an extended. Thank you to Bethany for all that you guys do. And thank you so much, Barney for joining us on the pod today.

[00:29:19] It's so fun to be here. Thank you for that.

[00:29:27] Tomorrow is Dr. Nasr, Mohammad of ulcer medical in San Francisco, California, this Tuesday, June 22nd. Dr. Rebecca Behrens and her virtual assistant Angie Cortez. So we'll be talking all about virtual assistants in the direct primary care space during our next free fireside chat. I can't go ask you a question you want answered.

[00:29:46] Voicemail and hear your answer in the recording afterwards. Visit DPC story. To leave your question, and I want to summarize the most important information Courtney shared with us today. All of the following and more [00:30:00] is listed in the show notes. The AFP DPC summit will be held virtually from July 16th to

[00:30:09] For general questions related to the summit, please email DPC at a F P dot. For medical students and residents interested in the free track. You can email the AAF P as Courtney mentioned, but also Dr. Kenneth Q has created a direct registration form. The link to this form is in the show notes and on the resources tab, but my DPC registration fees are $500 from members of the AFP $600 for non-members $150 for both.

[00:30:41] And $50 for medical students. There is a single day access pass for $175. And the employer pre-conference only pass is $75 early bird registration for those paying the member and non-member rates only needs to be in by this Monday, June 21st, the [00:31:00] savings is $200 off registration fees. If you liked what you heard today, please leave a review and subscribe wherever you listen to your plan.

[00:31:08] Tell your friends to for more information on this episode and much more, please visit my DPC also for the latest in DPC news. Check out DVC and a happy father's day to all of those who wear the father's hats out there until tomorrow. This is Mary L conception.

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