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Episode 9: Dr. Diana Girnita of Rheumatologist OnCall - Palo Alto, CA

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Direct Care Rheumatologist

In this episode, Dr. Girnita discusses how she made the jump from FFS to direct care. She discusses her experience in recently relocating to California from Ohio, gives some clinical pearls about autoimmune and infectious conditions she treats on a regular basis and how she is so passionate about teaching other doctors as well as her patients.

Dr. Girnita conducted a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University, an immunology fellowship at University of Pittsburgh, and rheumatology clinical fellowship at University of Cincinnati. Now she is double boarded in Rheumatology as well as Internal Medicine.

She is a strong advocate of treating early and appropriately autoimmune and inflammatory conditions as they can significantly increase patients’ cardiovascular risk.

Please take note she is licensed in CALIFORNIA, OHIO, INDIANA, ARIZONA and KENTUCKY. TEXAS LICENSE EXPECTED AS OF JAN 2021. Contact Dr. Girnita for an updated list of licenses.

She opened her direct care practice: August 27, 2020

Teaching As A Passion:

Join Dr. Girnita for her next ZOOM Rheumatology discussion.

Click HERE for her ZOOM LINK



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