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Episode 28: Dr. Natalie Gentile of Gentile Family Direct Primary Care

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Direct Primary Care Doctor

Dr. Gentile is double boarded in Family and Lifestyle Medicine.
Dr. Natalie Gentile

Dr. Natalie Gentile is board-certified in both Family Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine.

She was born and raised in Pittsburgh, attending Mt. Lebanon High School and St. Vincent College. She then completed her medical school training at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Her Family Medicine residency was completed at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN where she practiced as an attending physician before moving back to Pittsburgh.

She is the proud wife of Amir and mama to their son, Luca, and daughter, Leyla.

She opened Gentile Family Direct Primary Care in September of 2019.

In her interview, she talks about how important it is to be vulnerable as a DPC Physician, mother and wife and how this strengthens her practice and has helped it grow. She shares about how collectively, the DPC Physicians around Pittsburgh, PA have come together to support each other, especially through this pandemic, as the Direct Care Physicians of Pittsburgh. She has also discusses how she has incorporated her lifelong passion for prevention and wellness and how this grew to include her involvement with the Walk At Home movement!

Resources mentioned by Dr. Gentile:

Healthy Gut, Healthy Body

Dr. Gentile Presenting at a Plant-Based Pittsburgh Pop Up Dinner

Walk With A Talk

Dr. Gentile's HOME VISIT Journey

To Give Two Elderly Members Their Covid Vaccinations


Social Handle (IG and FB): @gentilefamilydpc

(412) 219-4613

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