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Episode 13: Dr. Jasmine Singh - Direct Care Psychiatry - Newport Beach, CA

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Direct Care Psychiatrist

Dr. Singh also goes by The Jazzy Doc.
Dr. Jasmine Singh

Dr. Singh earned her medical degree at Touro University and completed residency through UC San Francisco.

In this episode, Dr. Singh discusses how she decided to offer direct care as opposed to staying in a fee for service model. She describes how her virtual practice runs for patients and how she manages her practice as a solo practitioner. She draws from a wide range of treatment modalities like talk therapy, psychopharmacology, psycho education, and wellness for all of her patients. She discusses additional dedicated training in addressing the mental health needs for college students and the young adult population which has serves her patients well during the pandemic.

Dr. Singh is a medical correspondent locally and internationally, contributing to various television segments, radio features, print articles, and podcasts. Here is one of the television interviews she has done.



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