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Drs. Pastoor & Byard
Dr. Sara Pastoor (L) & Dr. Rebecca Byard (R)

In primary care today, physicians face unsustainable pressure to balance patient care with compliance & documentation requirements. Elation alleviates that burden and allows independent practices and primary care organizations to focus on what’s most important: providing phenomenal care.

In today’s episode, we will hear from two DPC physicians, Dr. Sara Pastoor and Dr. Rebecca Byard as they speak about Elation's history as well as give examples of how powerful Elation can be for a DPC physician.

Dr. Sara Pastoor is a clinically active family physician and currently serves as the Director of Primary Care Advancement at Elation Health, where she advocates for primary care and its powerful role in the healthcare system. She also is co-director of Presence Health, an integrated primary care and behavioral health Direct Primary Care practice in Austin, TX. Dr. Pastoor is a seasoned physician executive with 20 years of experience in primary care innovation, patient-centered medical home, health system transformation, organizational change management, population health, EMR optimization, quality improvement, and health technology. She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Practice and spent the first 15 years of her career in the Army Medical Department. Dr. Pastoor has also led patient-centered transformation and primary care expansion in the academic and employer-sponsored primary care settings.

Dr. Byard is the proud owner of Direct Care Physicians of Pittsburgh: Mt. Lebanon. She went to medical school at Marshall University then attended