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Hint Summit 2D will deliver insights from over two dozen forward-thinking speakers, interactive marketing & sales workshops, and structured networking activities to help you connect with DPC clinicians and demand-side partners. Here's a thematic summary of what's in store.

The New Case for Direct Primary Care

Physicians, policy experts, and researchers will discuss how COVID-19, federal and state policy, and a slew of new research are creating new opportunities for direct primary care.

Lessons in Leadership

Luminaries from DPC and beyond will share what they’ve learned about taking on the status quo, breaking through glass ceilings, and overcoming failures to achieve one’s goals.

The Next Generation of DPC

Fresh new faces and industry disruptors will explore how new models, service offerings, and healthcare ecosystem partners are creating stronger and more successful DPC practices.

Speed Dating & Hands-on Workshops

Make valuable new contacts through structured, rapid-fire one-on-one speed dating, and learn powerful marketing, sales, and retention techniques to build your brand and grow your practice.

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