Episode 92: Dr. Kristamarie Collman (She/Her) of Prose Medical and Wellness - Orlando, FL

Direct Primary Care Doctor

Dr. Collman is the owner and lead physician at Pröse Medical and Wellness
Dr. Kristamarie Collman

Dr. Kristamarie Collman is a double board-certified family medicine doctor and author of Glow up your life: the RX for looking and feeling good from the inside out. Leveraging her professional background and medicine paired with a natural flair for beauty and style, Dr. Kristamarie takes a holistic approach in helping professional women to enhance their lives.

Beyond the doctor's office, Dr. Kristamarie is a vivacious social media influencer that has captured the hearts of thousands around the Country with her aspirational style, wellness advice, and inspirational pep talks. She is the co-founder of Young Lady Watching, Inc. a non-profit organization empowering underrepresented minority women pursuing healthcare-related careers to reach their full potential through mentoring, education, and leadership development. Additionally, Dr. Kristamarie holds a position as assistant professor of Family Medicine at the University of Central Florida, College of Medicine.

Dr. Kristamarie is Board Certified by the American Board of Family Medicine, specializing in preventative health, nutrition and weight management. She is a diplomat of the American Board of Obesity Medicine and provides care to patients in the Outpatient and Urgent Care settings.

She is currently located in Orlando, FL, and is the founder and CEO of Prose Medical & Wellness, a concierge medical practice providing personalized primary care and wellness services.

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Young Lady Watching, Inc.

Young Lady Watching is a Non-Profit that focuses on empowering underrepresented minority women who are pursuing healthcare-related careers to reach their full potential through mentoring, uh, education, scholarship opportunities and leadership development.

Dr. Collman Speaking About Covid19 Vaccine


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