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Episode 16: Dr. Emily O'Rourke of Fountain Direct Primary Care - Chesapeake, VA

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Direct Primary Care Doctor

Dr. O'Rourke of Fountain Direct Primary Care
Dr. Emily O'Rourke

Dr. Emily O’Rourke of Fountain DPC Dr. O’Rourke attended the University of Nebraska Medical Center for medical school then went onto do residency to Eastern Virginia Medical School and Portsmouth Family Medicine.

She served as chief resident at EVMS Portsmouth Family Medicine Residency and is board certified in family medicine.

She opened her doors October of 2018.

In this episode, Dr. O’Rourke discusses how she transitioned from her primary care physician fee for service role to working both in urgent care as well as opening her direct primary care at the same time. She discusses the demographics of her 140 patient population and how she works with different employer groups. She covers what kinds of questions she was asked when pitching her practice to eventual members from those employer groups. She discusses churn in her practice and how her churn was affected by the pandemic. She discusses the value she builds into her practice and how she’s even gone with an uninsured patient to a specialists office to get her patient a decent price on a necessary surgery. Additionally, she discusses allergy immunotherapy and hormone replacement and how she offers 12-week challenges for her patients and much more!

Dr. O'Rourke Featured in the Virginian Pilot:

Resources mentioned by Dr. O'Rourke:

- A Digital Marketing Consultant (the company Dr. O'Rourke uses for her social media management)



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