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Episode 12: Dr. Aimee Ostick of Health and Healing DPC - Woodland Hills, CA

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Direct Primary Care Doctor

Dr. Aimee Ostick completed her undergraduate education at both Santa Monica College and UC Berkeley. She then went on to attend both Medical School and residency at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia and then did her

Community Medicine Fellowship Kaiser Woodland Hills.

In this episode, Dr. Ostick reflects on celebrating Health and Healing DPC’s FIRST ANNIVERSARY and she is fast approaching her full panel size of 400. Dr. Ostick is a Mom of three and she discusses balancing her family life with her clinic life. She explains how her clinic has successfully pivoted in her first year because of the Covid pandemic. She also shares about how she keeps patients engaged even during times when Telehealth is more prevalent than on-office visits.

Please scroll down to hear Dr. Ostick on both The White Coat Investor and the She Sez podcasts.

Resources Dr. Ostick Mentioned:


Dr. Aimee Ostick's Video Celebration of the

ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of Health and Healing DPC!



Dr. Aimee Ostick's Interview on The White Coat Investor Podcast

-----------------> LINK HERE!

Dr. Aimee Ostick's interview

on the She Sez Podcast

-----------> LINK HERE


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