Episode 107: Dr. Wendy Molaska (She/Her) of Dedicated Family Care - Fitchburg, WI

Direct Primary Care Doctor

Dr. Molaska founded Dedicated Family Care in Fitchburg, WI
Dr. Wendy Molaska; Photo Credit: Dr. Molaska

Dr. Wendy Molaska is a graduate of the University of WI School of Medicine and Public Health and is a Board certified family physician and a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians. She has practiced full spectrum Family Medicine for over 20 years. She started her career working for the National Health Services Corps in rural Colorado until 2008 when she moved to Platteville, WI. She continued practicing rural full spectrum family medicine until she joined the University of WI School of Medicine and Public Health as an Assistant Professor and moved to the Madison area to continue her Family Medicine practice.

In 2019 she transitioned her medical focus to provide inpatient hospice care and in 2021 she left employed medicine to start her own direct primary care (DPC) clinic called Dedicated Family Care to continue providing full spectrum family medicine in the Fitchburg/Madison, WI area. In addition to her clinical practice, she has served on the Board of Directors for the WI Medical Society and was elected President this year (2022). She also serves on their Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) Taskforce. Through the WI Department of Health Services she serves on the Advisory Council for the WI Council on Immunization Practices. Given her love of reading, since residency, she has also been involved with Reach Out and Read, an early pediatric literacy program that is based in primary care clinics, and now serves as Co-Chair for the WI Reach Out and Read Advisory council. She enjoys travel (when there’s not a pandemic) and has also completed multiple medical missions around the world.


Dr. Molaska Speaks About

Dedicated Family Care, her DPC in Fitchburg, WI



Phone (608) 305-4515

Website: HERE

Email is drmolaska@familydpc.com







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Welcome to the podcast Dr. Molaska!

Oh, thank you so much Dr. Concepcion. I am so excited to be here.

And like we were talking about a little bit before we started recording, it was such a privilege to meet you, at the DPC Summit. This past July in Kansas City. So get your calendars out and start planning for next year because it is so amazing to be in the physical space with other DPC physicians.

So, Dr. Malaka, I wanted to get started with the fact that your journey has been one that is chalk full of perspectives from all. All aspects. You have been a patient yourself. You have been a physician in the National Health Service Core. You have been a physician in urban and rural settings in different states.

And so in terms of your experience from all those aspects of life, what drew you in to choose family medicine?

Um, So basically when I was like five years old, I already decided I was gonna be a doctor. And I never wavered from that. And a lot of it I think was related to the fact that I spent probably more time in the hospital as a kid than on the playground.

So I have more fan syndrome and have a lot of complications related to it. And yeah. One of the things that happened at one point in time was I had kind of a stereotypical god complex surgeon that when you're a kid is like, Oh, this isn't gonna hurt. And yeah, it, it hurt. I had a chest tube in and it wasn't comfortable.

And so at that point in time I told him, I'm gonna grow up and I'm gonna take your job. And what ended up happening though was like, I love too many parts of medicine. As I was going through my rotations in medical school where I was like, Oh my God, this is so cool. This is so cool.

This is so cool that I was like, I wanna do it all. And so the only thing that really seemed to fit was family medicine. So being able to do it all because yeah, , I couldn't decide basically. the other interesting thing about family medicine too, is you can kind of tailor