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A Non-Profit DPC: Taking Care of Community with Dr. Angela Bymaster

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Dr. Bymaster Headshot
Dr. Angela Bymaster

In the latest episode of the My DPC Story Podcast, Dr. Maryal Concepcion hosts Dr. Angela Bymaster to discuss her inspiring journey from growing up in a small Oregon town to founding Healing Grove Health Center, a Direct Primary Care (DPC) clinic that emphasizes faith, community, and innovative healthcare solutions. Here's an in-depth look at the subjects covered in this episode.

Early Influences and the Draw Towards Medicine

Dr. Angela Bymaster's journey into medicine was inevitable due to her early exposure. Dr. Bymaster reminisces about growing up in a small town in Oregon, where her father served as a local doctor. Despite the demanding nature of her father’s career, those experiences became the groundwork for her future vocation. Initially, Angela avoided the medical field, seeking to elude its consuming nature. However, she ultimately found herself drawn to it to provide flexibility for her children's special needs.


A Leap of Faith: Founding Healing Grove Health Center

The inception of Healing Grove Health Center was marked by divine intervention and unwavering faith. The idea of a faith-based Christian clinic was borne out of professional dissatisfaction and a prophecy. Dr. Bymaster recounts how a prophetess predicted her founding of such a clinic in her neighborhood.

In 2019, she and her husband began laying the groundwork, reaching out to DPC communities online and ensuring all legalities and fundraising measures were in place. The clinic was intended to mirror the early days of her father's practice—more personal and less entangled with insurance limitations. Just as they were ready to open, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, demanding unforeseen adjustments and immediately placing them at the community's forefront during the crisis.

Serving the Community Amidst COVID-19

The pandemic proved to be both a challenge and an opportunity for Healing Grove. Quickly pivoting to address the needs arising from the crisis, they became a critical resource. Dr. Bymaster describes how they provided food, administered COVID-19 tests, and secured city and church financial support to sustain their activities. They established a clinical trial site for a COVID test and a PCR testing site, accessible to the entire community. With the dedication of volunteers, the clinic conducted over 10,000 tests, maintaining a roughly 25% positivity rate without any reported deaths.

The Impact of Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care (DPC) offers a refreshing alternative to traditional, insurance-driven healthcare. This model allows patients to pay a monthly membership, building a deeper, lasting relationship with their doctors. Dr. Angela Bymaster passionately advocates for this model, stressing the value of personalized care and flexibility. Her experiences, particularly in serving low-income communities, shaped her vision for upstream primary care, addiction treatment, and holistic health.

Dr. Bymaster juxtaposes her DPC model against the bureaucratic inadequacies she witnessed in a county homeless program and low-income community clinic. The limitations of a top-down approach and the lack of flexibility drove her to create a more humane and effective healthcare solution.

Combating Misconceptions: DPC for the Underserved

Addressing criticisms labeling DPC as a service exclusively for the rich, Dr. Bymaster emphasizes its accessibility to diverse population segments. At Healing Grove, her favorite patients include those without insurance, low-income immigrants, and small business owners. She illustrates her diverse patient base with real-life examples: patients who struggle to access mental health services or specialty care due to financial constraints can receive comprehensive care under the DPC model.

Furthermore, Healing Grove Health Center is structured to support high-income and low-income patients. Concierge patients contribute $200 a month, helping to financially sustain the clinic, while low-income patients offer smaller yearly contributions. The clinic leverages community connections instead of a formal application process to establish eligibility for low-income care.


Community Engagement and Holistic Health

The community lies at the heart of Healing Grove’s ethos. Dr. Bymaster’s clinic not only offers medical services but integrates community activities, such as cooking meals for the homeless, ensuring that all patients—regardless of their financial status—can engage and support one another. During the pandemic, the clinic’s strong community ties were evident as they monitored COVID-positive patients and delivered soup, maintaining vital social connections.


Dr. Angela Bymaster’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of faith, community, and innovative healthcare models like Direct Primary Care. Healing Grove Health Center is a beacon of hope and a model for personalized, community-driven healthcare. As the episode concludes, Dr. Maryal Concepcion encourages listeners to stay informed and advocate for DPC, reflecting on the importance of supporting healthcare models prioritizing humanity and connection.



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