Episode 87: Dr. Vicky Borgia (She/Her) of Radiance Medical Group - Philadelphia, PA

Direct Primary Care Doctor

Dr. Borgia of Radiance Medical Group
Dr. Vicky Borgia

Dr. Vicky Borgia is a board-certified family medicine physician with over twenty years of experience. She practices ‘womb to tomb’ medicine with special interests and training in reproductive health, LGBTQIA health, and integrative medicine.

She earned a BA in Women’s Studies from Columbia University at the dawn of intersectionality, and an MD from SUNY Brooklyn (aka Downstate). She completed her residency at UCSF Sutter Medical Center in Santa Rosa, CA and attended a faculty development fellowship in Addressing the Health Needs of the Underserved at UCSD. She holds her board certification from the American Board of Family Medicine and the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine.

She opened Radiance Medical Group in the Fall of 2019.


Frontline Hero Spotlight: Dr. Vicky Borgia

Dr. Vicky Borgia Featured In Her Local News Station's Feature

Audre Lorde, who Dr. Borgia speaks about, speaks about how she realized her silence would not protect her.




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UCSF LGBTQ Resource Center

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Website: https://www.radiancemedicalgroup.org/

Email: info@radiancemedicalgroup.org

Ph: (215) 792-4212


FB Business Page: @radiancemedicalgroup

IG: @radiancemedicalgroup


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Welcome to the podcast Dr. Borgia thanks. Thanks for having me. So I wanted to start off our interview with this quote that you had said during a TV interview that you had, for a local TV station during the pandemic.

And it just really hit home given, your clinic and where it is. And we'll talk about that. But the quote was, we are part of the community and in times like this, referring to the pandemic, the community has to come together to take care of each other. I wanted to, frame this whole interview with that quote and start with asking how you ended up being a community direct primary care physician, opening up radiance medical group

in Philly.

So I've always been a community physician, not always a direct primary care community physician. Um, most of my career has been in federally qualified help centers or lookalikes or, um, things like that. And I actually went into medicine thinking that that would be how my activism came to fruition by empowering communities to take control of their health.

That was naive and a little. Caught up in the medicalization of the time. But, um, so my goal has always been to be part of the community and to be, you know, in that old fashioned way that, oh yeah, we can call or we can drop by or we can talk. Um, and I did have the interesting experience of opening up basically two months before a pandemic.

So , you know, it changed a lot of how I do things. Um, And at that time, the reason I'm on there is I actually had a ton of little hand sanitizer swag. And there was no hand sanitizer anywhere then. and I was giving it away.

I gave it to the rec center near me, the schools, people who needed it. My neighbors came by. So. Once that came out. I, I basically like had a distribution center for little tiny, you know, whatever, two ounce bottles of hands sanitizer. . That's

awesome though. I mean, you know, that is completely an unexpected way to use swag.

Able to, yeah. And to be able to have swag, be your marketing, reach in the community and the fact that, you know, they even showed you in the,, the news feature, which is also on Dr. Borg's blog on my DPC story.com um, handing out that sanitizer to a woman on the street. So that's amazing.

Never underestimate the power of swag.

Exactly. I had a recent experience just like that too, at pride in Philly where I gave out probably 500 things of sunscreen, all gone. Every single one of them gone.

I'm sure all the listeners can relate to being handed some kind of swag, but what makes your swag stand out?