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Episode 7: Dr. Jeannine Rodems of Santa Cruz DPC - Santa Cruz, CA

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

Direct Primary Care Doctor

In March of 2019, just after I had learned about DPC as a model, I attended the California Academy of Family Practice annual meeting and there was Dr. Rodems sitting with a table marker that read 'DPC.' We started chatting and I picked her brain for about an hour and a half and she became the first DPC doctor I ever met and learned from!

Dr. Rodems is a graduate of UC Santa Cruz and completed her medical degree and residency at UCLA School of Medicine. She is an active member of the local physician

community in Santa Cruz County as well as in the California Academy of Family Physicians.

She is married and has one daughter who recently started college!

In her interview she talked about how she learned about DPC and planned her transition out of the fee for service model for years before opening. She discusses having a partner in her practice and touches on churn and how she incorporates both inpatient and outpatient care in her DPC.

She is extremely passionate about encouraging and helping others achieve their DPC goals so please reach out to her via her website (see above).

Dr. Rodems mentions resources such as:

For the Member Interest Group (MIG) please directly email Bethany Burk (

-Spruce Health Digital Care Platform which she uses to communicate with her patients.

Santa Cruz DPC

Photos of Santa Cruz DPC, Dr. Adam Yarme and Dr. Jeannine Rodems. SCROLL TO THE RIGHT.


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