Episode 105: Year 2 In Review - A Reunion With Dr. J. Mutch, Dr. Mundkur & Dr. Hughes

Direct Primary Care Doctors

Last year, the following guests shared how

year one went for each of their practices and today we get to hear what’s happened during year two. So, if you want to hear about their beginnings, check out their previous interviews below.

Dr. Jake Mutch and Dr. Christina Mutch both attended college at William and Mary and then went on to attend the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine. With the realization that the rushed, seven-minute visit did not provide patients or doctors with adequate time to make meaningful lifestyle changes needed to control and reverse disease, they started Defiant DPC in Williamsburg, VA in August 2020. Dr. Jake will be giving us the update today on how things are going at Defiant including how they have adapted to life as they welcomed their first child, baby girl Isla, in September of 2021!

Dr. Deepti Mundkur is an internal medicine graduate from the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine Fresno Medical Education Program. She hails from a small coastal town in India where her medical schooling was at Manipal University in India. To meet her personal and professional goals in primary care, she started her DPC, My Happy Doctor in San Diego, CA in July of 2020 where through telemedicine and home visits she is able to care for her patients.

Dr. Lauren Hughes is a board-certified pediatrician and lactation consultant, or IBCLC, and founder and owner of Bloom Pediatrics and Lactation. She provides all general pediatric services, as well as breastfeeding services to her patients in Kansas City, KS where she was the first to become a dual IBCLC and MD in the state of Kansas. Dr. Hughes is a wife and mother of Calvin and twins Nolan and Sloane.


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Dr. Jake Mutch: jakemutchdo.com; Defiant DPC - Williamsburg, VA

Dr. Deepti Mundkur; My Happy Doctor - San Diego, CA

Dr. Lauren Hughes: information@bloomdpc.com; Bloom Pediatrics and Lactation - Kansas City, KS


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  Welcome again to my DPC story. And thank you so much for joining

us today, guys. Thanks for having me. Appreciate it. Thank you for having us.

Happy to be here, Maria. Thank you.

With you guys coming back on a little over a year since your last interview Jake and Christina Christina's unable to join us today, but your daughter is past one now.

She just turned one in September. And Lauren continues to have three amazing kids who are teenagers, and DTI has another puppy in her life. And so, life continues to happen as your DPCs are growing. So, can you look back on this last year and give us, give the audience a feel as to the theme of, what, what has transpired over your year?

Ooh. Yeah. I would definitely say this has been a uh, year of growth. It's been a huge learning experience and I've been really grateful for the practice because it's allowed us to have enough flexibility so that we can, if baby is sick or something and we need to rearrange the schedule, it's not this whole affair. We can literally just move the pieces really smoothly.

And so that has been absolutely wonderful. If I had to put like a, I guess a. Theme for the year, It would probably be either hospitality or team building. We've really, I guess, rebranded or changed our, our, we've renovated the actual practice as well as a little bit of the website to really make it clear that what we're trying to deliver is a really high touch, very accessible kind of care.

And that we wanted to make hospitality that core theme to do, that we've been building on the infrastructure that we had in previous years, where before it was about setting up video workflows for virtual assistance or those kinds of things. Now it's really about, okay, how do we bring on a team to be able to make sure that we're delivering the kind of care that we dream of, of our practice being.

And so we do that in two ways. And we're extremely fortunate because this has been very much a process of, of hiring people. And so we have two just fantastic assistants that we've been working with. There's one that's a virtual who functions as an operations assistant, and then one who's in the office who is a clinical assistant.

And so that's been amazing because like our operations assistant is kind of working behind the scenes. She has a lot of hospitality experience and like healthcare fields, and that's been amazing because it's, everything from chasing down records and, third party interactions as well as helping patients.

For some reason, the pharmacy doesn't recognize that the prescription has been filled or whatever. She's really our, our bulldog for going after all of those things and it really helps keep the patients in the loop for what's happening. And then and we actually, so I'll tell you a quick story of how we discovered her.

So basically I was trying to fulfill like an online coffee order for my for my wife. And uh, this was while she was pregnant and she was the, the head barista there. And so I was going to fulfill that coffee order and I put in just like what I thought I want, ah, like blah, blah, blah as baro, it'll be fine.

And then I get a call 30 seconds later and she picks up the phone, she says, Hey, I just wanted to be sure, I didn't wanna step on your toes or anything, but I noticed that the drink your wife normally gets doesn't have this extra like espresso shot, whatever in it. Are you sure you want me to fulfill this order?

And I said, Oh my goodness. Thank you so much. And I just kind of filed that away in the back of my head because anybody with that much like work ethic and integrity, I definitely, if there's ever an opportunity and one arose and I said, Absolutely. We've gotta, we've gotta happy on board. And the final thing that I'll say is a clinical assistant, basically that scribes that greets the patients at the door, escorts them over to our suites and processes, labs, and also functions a little bit as a, like a medical library.

And she's got a research background, so she does a little bit of research, bef like, gives me briefs on everything and then sends it over so that I can counsel patients and kind of give them a table of contents that those things have really helped. I'll make sure that I can dedicate as much time as possible to the patient care.

And that's because we've built up this like protocol for how things operate and we evolve that over time. So we're incredibly lucky for that. And that's, that's kind of been what our, our process has been about. So,

so exciting to hear that update. How about you, DTI or Lauren?

I would say my theme has been adaptation probably. So I have had to and end boundaries. I've grown significantly this year and I have reached the capacity of what I can handle myself. I have decided that I'm gonna add on another physician just because I, I had to take down my meet and greet request off my website because I couldn't tell people no

So removing the request was like the, the boundary I had to set. I couldn't like talk to people. Get all my feels and then create a wait list and then tell them, No, I can't take care of you. Um, And so I had to just, I had to close that down. Adaptation with my kids too. . Um, My, let's see, So my oldest, I agree with Jake that like the, the flexibility and the adaptation part, like we will lose childcare for the day cuz somebody's sick when knee and he's sick or whatever.

And my kids are now old enough that like I just bring him to the office and they run around and my patients like, I just text him or I'm like, Hey, twins are gonna be here. And it's fine. And most of my patients, like most of the parents, like, are excited to see my kids. They hear all about 'em all the time.

I have dabbled with the idea of, of adding either like a staff person, like. I don't know, like doing a VA or a, something like that. But I just, I've never pulled the trigger. I'm just not good at handing those things off. But it's been great. Like I'm, I'm done seeing patients for the day.

Yeah, it's just Fri and Sweet

And just to put some context to that, it's only nine 40 Pacific. And so when Lauren's done for the day, she's done for the day in the morning. So it's incredible.