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DPC Doctors Can Do Just About Anything!

It's not always easy making the leap into DPC. As someone who has recently made the jump and is on the brink of opening my own DPC clinic (YAYYYYYY!!!!!), I greatly appreciate businesses that help make the journey less scary.

Here are two DPC-friendly businesses that have teamed up with My DPC Story to help democratize medicine and help you focus on what you do best: taking care of humans the way we all deserve to be taken care of!

~ Maryal


Global Ultrasound Institute (GUSI)

I have taken their courses since 2019 and Dr. Kevin Bergman and Dr. Mena Ramos and the team at GUSI have been providing extremely high-quality point of care ultrasound learning through both in-person courses as well as their essentials online course.

In teaming up with My DPC Story,

GUSI is offering 10% off REGISTRATION for the next LIVE COURSE - October 21st and 22nd in San Francisco, CA.

Marketing Beaver

Marketing Beaver is a DPC-friendly marketing company that has already teamed up with many DPC clinics all over the country. They take the stress out of marketing starting at $3.00 a day!

Think about the time saved with Marketing Beaver helping you with your marketing and lead capture!

In teaming up with My DPC Story,

Marketing Beaver is offering clients a FREE PITCH VIDEO for your practice!

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