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A Doctor's Renewal: Dr. Harpreet Tsui Finds Harmony in Direct Primary Care


Dr. Harpreet Tsui is an Internal Medicine DPC Doctor in Las Vegas NV sitting here in blue shirt
Dr. Harpreet Tsui

Healthcare is transforming profoundly, moving away from the impersonal, frenetic pace of traditional models to one that fosters deep relationships between patients and doctors. This seismic shift is epitomized in the Direct Primary Care (DPC) model, as explored in a heartwarming discussion on episode 154 of the My DPC Story Podcast, where Dr. Maryal Concepcion chats with Dr. Harpreet Tsui about her inspiring journey into DPC.

Founding a Practice with Heart:

Dr. Harpreet Tsui's journey into DPC began with the recognition of primary care's pivotal role, especially in a city like Las Vegas, known for its transient populace. Determined to create a refuge of medical care, Dr. Tsui launched "Coronado Health DPC," named after the initial location she had in mind and imbued with a calming purple color scheme mirroring her personal taste. The clinic’s atmosphere offers more than medical attention; it comforts the soul and treats each patient with the warmth of home.

The Human Side of Medicine:

Among the most striking aspects of DPC shared by Dr. Tsui is the genuine, human connection she fosters with her patients. Her practice thrives not only on expert medical care but on mutual respect and care for wellbeing. Patients appreciate Dr. Tsui as an individual, often concerned for her happiness and life outside the clinic. This mutual care exemplifies the human side of medicine often lost in the quagmire of traditional healthcare models.




Balancing the Scales:

For Dr. Tsui, the transition to DPC also meant reclaiming her personal life. Long working hours, coupled with the stress of a hospital-based spouse, left her yearning for balance. The DPC model allowed her to recalibrate, permitting time for family, singing, and rediscovering her extroverted persona. Both Dr. Tsui and Dr. Concepcion highlight the value of work-life harmony and the flexibility afforded by DPC in cultivating a rich, satisfying career and family life.

Marketing with Authenticity:

Recognizing her patients' desire to relate to her as a person, Dr. Tsui took a unique approach to marketing. Sharing not just medical insights but also personal stories, she found her authenticity was the key to forging stronger patient connections. Her collaboration with Desi Doc Mom on various fun and engaging medical topics further exemplifies her community-driven approach to growing her practice through genuine interactions.

A New Vision for Inclusive Healthcare:

Dr. Tsui’s advocacy doesn't stop at the doors of her DPC clinic; it extends into the realm of policy and societal change. Her active involvement in healthcare advocacy illustrates the growing need to marry medicine with policy for meaningful reform. Through her voice, she champions the DPC model as a pathway to more accessible, equitable, and affordable healthcare.


In the compelling narrative of Dr. Harpreet Tsui’s DPC journey, shared in Episode 154 of My DPC Story Podcast, listeners are invited to reflect on the essence of healthcare. Dr. Tsui's DPC practice isn't merely a clinic; it's a beacon for the change many pine for in medicine. It's here that healthcare transcends the transactional and touches lives, where doctors aren't just providers, but pillars in their communities, and where patients are treated with the dignity and compassion they deserve.

Listeners are encouraged to join the My DPC Story Patreon Community to support this indispensable dialogue and follow the journey of individuals like Dr. Tsui, who are redefining healthcare one patient at a time. For those inspired by Dr. Tsui’s story and the impact of DPC on healthcare, subscribing to the My DPC Story Podcast is a step towards a deeper understanding and appreciation for this innovative model of care.

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