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Podcast Host Bio

Maryal Concepcion, MD FAAFP (She/Her) is a full scope board-certified family medicine physician in Arnold, California. 

She believes that things happen for a reason and that was so true the day she first learned about DPC.

Previously an employed physician, Dr. Concepcion handed in her 60 day notice in early July 2021 and will NEVER go back to fee for service insurance-driven "healthcare." Maryal is now the CEO/Boss Lady at Big Trees MD, a DPC in Calaveras County, CA. ​

Dr. Concepcion hopes that by interviewing different people at all stages of Direct Primary Care and Direct Care listeners can "meet" new people and feel the connection to the future of patient care: Direct Primary Care. 

My DPC Story Bio

My DPC Story features physicians in all stages of physician-led Direct Primary Care and Direct Specialty Care. Through the deep-dive interview format, everyone can "meet" the featured guests and feel the connection to the future of patient care.


My DPC Story is a podcast exclusively about DPC, hosted by DPC physicians, and building a dynamic, fast-growing community of DPC physicians who are excited to share their stories and learn from each other.

My DPC Story has released over 95 episodes with over +160,000 listens just on Apple Podcasts since it was started in September of 2020.

By March of 2023, My DPC Story has consistently ranked in the top 200 on Apple Podcasts Medicine Chart in the US.

What is Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care (DPC) provides direct access to a doctor a patient knows and trusts. It is accessible, more convenient and less expensive primary care, without the complicated bureaucracy of health insurance.

In this model, patients have more direct and personalized access to their doctor, and can schedule longer appointment times as needed. This allows for more comprehensive care and better communication between patients and their healthcare provider.

Media Assets

Where to find My DPC Story


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